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The gameboard is active and there are posts and everything. One of the first things I have had to get used to is that there isn't as much stuff on Mythic as there is on its sister LABN.

Less stuff means less activity. So the majority of us don't stop here first, make a bunch of posts then run over there and ost a few things too. Rather we go to LABN and then post a bunch of stuff then jump back to Mythic and read a few...post a few (if so moved) and then move on.

Well stop that! Mythic is not the "also ran" or in second place on Late Night Games. Mythic is and will be a seperate but just as active community as LABN is.

Invite a friend. Send an email. Write a little about yourself. Write a little about. Suggest a feature for Mythic that you want. Start a new adventure. Post in the Mythic WAG (just because). Have fun here. Don't just have fun here...too.

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For those of you who wondered and those of you who didn't I took off some time the last two weeks to travel halfway around the world to see my sweety in Australia. During that blissful two weeks I could not be bothered to even check in on the board much less write.

And apparently the holidays have locked everyone else under too. Not that I am complaining. This is a strictly voluntary board with plenty of time to polish off story lines and stories.

And there are other things competing for your attention too (The end of LABN's season 2 for example). But the holiday is over, the world has returned to normal and even the stars (myself particularly) have returned to their proper hemispheres.


We started this game and I shall see it continue. Anyone who is wanting to start another 'adventure' within Mythic is certainly welcome to do so. This IS NOT LABN we are not limited to one ongoing story at a time.

I mention this because I see some players have started introducing ideas that might be considered seperate stories in and of themselves. An assination, a prophesy, and a past grudge come to mind. Any of these stories might be better served as a separate tale rather than trying to shoehorn them into the relatively simple tale of Tedrim.

The other idea I want to put forth is brevity. Xena (and to a lesser extent Hercules) worked on the idea that there was a certain amount of background you didn't need to cover. We don't need to rehash huge sections of history and background for each tale. Save that for the next story.

It wasn't neccessary to mention Xena's dark past in every episode unless it was pertinant to the plot. So bear that in mind whith your story telling. If it isn't going to advance the story, or if it seems like you are padding for the sake of a "money shot* then either start another adventure or skip it.

Not to say a money shot isn't ever called for. It is and do it and make it obvious you are doing it (being camp is part of the fun). Just don't do it for the sake of doing it do while moving forward. Xena does her warcry when fighting bad guys for the story. Gabrielle mentions her scrolls for the story. And you should make your mark on the story for the story.


* Money Shot - An extra scene or camera angle that is designed to spotlight a particular character doing their thing. Examples might include Xena standing on a cliff whirling a sword, or Arbitus turning his massive jaw to the horizon for a solioquy.

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