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Race: Human

Gender: Male

Real Name: Meletus

Birth Location: Thebes

Cultural: N/A

General Regard: Bad News


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A balding man except for some hair around the back of his head, Meletus looks as weasel-like as he actually is. Often dressing as a humble merchant, he always has several disguises on hand – including at least one as a woman – in order to get away when he gets himself into trouble. In terms of body language, there is a certain amount of pliability there, being able to move from extreme rage to extreme joy without missing a beat, making people wonder if he feels anything other than love of money and greed.

(Meletus is played by Armin Shimmerman)


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Meletus comes from a long line of merchants in Thebes, but is the first in his family to actually engage in trading. As the third son of the family, he stood to be least influential in the family’s store. Independent minded, Meletus decided to take his training and strike off on his own when he turned 17, with a small amount of initial financial support from his father. He did not mistake this for genuine support, but recognized it for what it was: a way to get a son who had developed a bad reputation out of the house.

After a year, he met a trader named Lycus, who became his mentor for the next two years. Lycus never grew fond of Meletus, seeing him for the weasel he was, but tried to reform his practices. From Lycus, he became a better barterer, an excellent appraiser, and became introduced to the various areas and politics of Greece. Lycus died fighting robbers, making Meletus a lone trader once again at 20.

Being a fast talker and thinker, he has often got himself both in and out of trouble with his speech. Over the next 7 years, he earned his reputation as a clever businessman to be reckoned with, a hard negotiator, and a cheat. On more than one occasion Meletus has sold weapons to tyrants, only to have them break the week after he left, often on the eve of some battle that will seal their fate. Usually he is paid twice for this: once by the person he sells the weapons to, again by the other side of the conflict to do what he was going to do anyway.

His travels have taken him to the lands of a number of rulers, leading him to develop an odd sense of justice under his greedy exterior that only those close to him ever get to learn about. The result is that when trading with warlords and leaders, he will treat them as he judges their character, being fair with just rulers and shamelessly cheating (then fleeing from) unjust rulers. Though he has often dabbled in most kinds of trading, he steadfastly refuses to even touch the slave trade, cheating those who make their living mainly through this fashion worst of all.


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Meletus is immensely clever, an expert at haggling, and usually able to talk his way out of the worst situations. His horsemanship is good, though his fighting abilities are only marginal, usually talking his way out of robberies.


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Meletus often has an assortment of various goods with him. Usually a very small selection of these are the luxuries the powerful will pay for, while the rest are smaller goods that allow him to get by. Personally, he owns a single sword and dagger (which he has marginal competence in using).

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