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Demon Police

The Demon Police was founded in the early 2000 by the conjunct efforts of Ellis Longwood, Mike Coulter and the support of Longwood Inc. With Mike's knowledge of hunter's organizations and his not scarce experience in the field, Ellis' passion and the big import/export enterprise Longwood Inc.'s resources the 'Demon Police' slowly started to be a reality.

In the years later to this, the Demon Police has slowly but steadily grown, although compared to some of the Hunter’s organizations, like Ulle, it’s still a very small and weak. In most of the places where there is a ‘Magic & Relics’ branch of Longwood Inc., there’s a Demon Police quarter, and in those places, harmless demons tend to live happier and longer lives.

The idea of forming the Demon Police came to Ellis Longwood after he realized that most Hunters' organizations are highly ruthless and cold-blooded when it comes to hunting demons. They usually don’t care about the kind of demon they are hunting as long as it's not human, thus preying on some demon species that are not harmful or dangerous to humans. Entire demonic species have been wiped out because of this.

The Demon Police only acts when a hunter proves to be ruthlessly attacking and killing on harmless demons. The kind that offer no threat to humanity, but rather try to live in peace with them or just by themselves. They don’t attack those hunters that prey on dangerous demons, or vampires. They are not so naive to believe that ‘all’ demons should be protected.

The organization is loosely knitted, its members respond to Ellis first and then to Mike's command and vow to respect the organization's book of rules. These rules are discussed, agreed or disagreed upon every year in a meeting between the heads of the different Demon Police quarters. Aside from that, its members are quite free to live their lives and conduct their business as they please.

While not taking care of ruthless ‘demon hunters’ the demon police associates spend their times investigating and hunting those demons who are dangerous to either other demons or humans, and they have always time to hunt on the vampire population. The rest of the time most of them are just Longwood Inc. employees, at least those who are human or can pass for humans.

Last June, 200, after helping an assortment of forces against the misguided Watchers' Council the organization suffered a big strike, losing many of its members. At the moment, they are trying to restore to normalcy and recover from their losses. They have also loosely allied to the White Hats.

“Then what do you mean when you say you work with demons?” Alessa asked, intrigued, as she sipped her tea.

Ellis drabbled his mouth with a napkin and leaned back. He looked the perfect English gentleman, it was strange to be talking about these topics with an English gentleman, she thought, amused.

The man looked at her and asked in turn, “Now, what do you know of demon hunters’ associations?”

Alessa grimaced, fortunately she hadn’t come across many of those in her life; the Council had been enough.

“Not much. I try to stay away from them.” She looked at him with rounded eyes. “Don’t tell me you are a demon hunter!”

Ellis chuckled. “No, I’m not. And I’m not surprised you avoid them, they usually are nasty bastards, murderers in their majority.” Alessa just cocked her head, and Ellis hurried to explain.

“In the human world there are rules, laws, protecting people. A psycho starts killing people and he gets caught – most of the time, at least. A lunatic decides one race is better than the rest and makes a genocide and he’s stopped… again, most of the time.” He chuckled.

“However, there are no rules to protect non humans; a psycho decides to start hunting demons and who would stop him? There is no human law to prevent it.” He stopped, and looked down to his now empty cup. “There are records of entire demon races wiped out of the face of the earth just because some crazed psycho decided to do some cleansing. Even some governments have sections dealing with these ‘sub-normals’, as they call them."

“Mind you, I know there are demons and demons, and there’s always the vampires, but most of these hunters don’t care if the demons they hunt are peaceful or not, harmless or not. They just don’t mind. They get into the killing spree mode and don't stop until they spill all the green blood they can."

“I try to put a little leverage to that.”

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