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Well, for those of you who dont know this, i'm trying to update the History Table.

It's taken me a while, and i'm still going, but there are a lot of events uploaded already. I finished most of the PC and NPC's profiles and Midseason 3 events. I'm slowly going through Season 4 now (it doesnt help losing files in the school pc, though *sigh*).

Please, if you can check it and see if the dates and places for your character's timeline are correct, i'll really appreciate it. I may have forgotten including something, or someone. I assumed that the older characters profiles and important events prior to Season 3 were already included, but maybe something is missing anyway.

Remember only important information is included (births, deaths, movings, turning points, etc.) althoguh i know sometimes i got overenthusiastic and may have included a little more than necessary :oops: .

However, i'll be grateful for any help you can offer in spotting mistakes, that's why i'm opening this thread now. Thank you. :D :D :D

The History Table

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Well, I finally finished Season Four in the History table, I’ve also gone through the new PC and NPCs. Sorry i was so remiss on doing it.

Please, take a look at it and tell me if something is terribly wrong.

I could use some help with some data on the characters too, if you want. An approximately time for Adam’s ‘zombination’ jeje, is that a word? And his arrival to LA, for example.

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