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Tetative Suggestion from a New Perspective

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Hi. Before I get so involved in this project that i can't remember what it was like to be new, I'd like to suggest a couple of things. My hope is that newcomers will feel less intimidated than I felt upon coming here.

I feel that the rules are a little skimpy. There could be a section entitled, oh say, "Watcher's Guidance" or someting. The W.G. could take a newcomer (or a visitor) through the process of signing up, of course, but it could also offer suggestions on what we're currently looking for in the game.

For instance, if we've suddenly found that the game is populated by nothing but humans, we could give a suggestion that someone play a demon or a vampire. This suggestion could be updated frequently, depending on the needs of the game.

As a new player, I would have benefited from a better idea about what kind of roleplaying this is. It seems to be half roleplaying, half fiction-writing. I didn't fully get this at first (though I'm not at all disappointed).

The Watcher's Guidance page could explain how the collaborations work. Not too much detail, but again I was suprised to discover that I'd be required to write "off the cuff." I'm adventurous enough to give it a healthy go, but some gamers might not be okay with that. (Some of us feel that good writing comes after revision.)

PLEASE NOTE: I love this site, I love what I've gotten myself into, and I love the challenge ahead. I hope my suggestion is taken into consideration; I will be satisfied if it is; it doesn't have to be followed. For one of the few times since I've visited an online community, I believe LABN to be populated by bloodsuckingly intelligent people. I have faith in your final decision.

Also (and less important), have you considered doing a Cast page? A place for players to give their names and real pics next to the characters they play?

Finally, I'd like to say that I'm writing this at 5:17 AM my time only because I was woken by a horrible dream. I owned a Chimpanzee friend, and we were taken hostage by an evil cult. I was of particular interest to the leader's sick and twisted daughter, who enslaved me. She required me to behave as if I were happy to be her slave. Any other reaction and she would have killed me. It was erotically horrible. I woke up disturbed.

Anyway, it is my time spent on this site that caused this nightmare. You have all done your job well. :wink:

Tetative Suggestion from a New Perspective

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Yeah i was begining to think that a Players Page might be helpful for the newbies amongst us - like the idea about adding what TYPE of characters we need more of too.

BTW Sid don't worry about having to write 'off the cuff' as it were - plenty of posts can be done before hand (such as solos or posts with NPC's) ans for posts that involve collaborations they tend to go through several revision processes until everyone is happy - then they are posted onto the gameboard.

Spontenaiety can be good sometimes - although sometimes it feels like you are smacking your head against a wall. However - generally when people get together for collabs (either two somes or the entire playing community!!!) they normally have SOME idea what is going to happen and so can benefit from having some preparation.

Oh and Sid - you don't have to be so tentative!!! No one is going to bite your head off - we're a pretty relaxed, happy-go-lucky bunch and appreciate other people's ideas and thoughts - ANYTHING that will improve the game for ourselves and others is only a good thing right??

Weird dream btw - you'll fit in perfectly i think!! :)

Good ideas! Nice to have a fresh perspective!!! :)

your right

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we should have FAQ area so it could be something you could help us with actually you could post the sorts of questions you felt needed answering when you first came to the site and we could answer them as best we can

but hehe thats just my sugestion

Tetative Suggestion from a New Perspective

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As far as the FAQ, there's already one on this site. But the FAQ's were of a technical nature. Hell, I think all new players should have a watcher, like a "big buddy."

Er, okay, maybe that's dorky.

Thanks Kate for removing the "tentative" nature of mine. I've never been made to feel anxious here about expressing myself. It's just a natural thing to acquiesce to the will of the people who've made this thing happen. I haven't even made a post.

(By the way, I have a hard time getting out of character while on this site. I'm afraid that I'm going to be stuck in meek little Sam mode for a long time to come.)

Glad to hear that our writing doesn't fall under a strict line of pressure. I have difficulty writing that way.


I'm sharing the computer with my brother, and although he's very gracious about my using his hardware, I often find my time limited. I will make a strong effort to keep this from interfering with the collab.'s.

One thing to point out is that some of you have been MSN-ing me, but it's my brother who's actually on the computer. In this case, he will simply turn off MSN. I don't want anyone to think I'm the one doing it--that would be kinda rude.

So if you get no response, it means I'm eaither away, tied up, or my brother is on the machine.

Thanks. :o

Tetative Suggestion from a New Perspective

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Nice to meet you, Sid.

I think your suggestions are really quite good.

As for the "off the cuff" idea, think of it like this, th collabs are very much like table top gaming. They take place in real time and everyone sort of writes off of everyone else. It may seem intimidating, but it actually is quite easy. I can't wait for you to get started. Your character idea is ver fresh and interesting. :)

Any Volunteers

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There are a lot of great ideas out here and I'd love to have enough time to do everything...but...

Anyone who want to prepare a sort of "So you've been accepted...now what?" kind of thing I'll gladly make it a "private" page and send it to folks in the "welcome" email.

I might even just post it into the "Game" section as a sort of overview...really depends on what it looks like. Any volunteers can post it here or PM it or email it (mrdave2176@olg.com remember?)

I've already implemented some of Sid's suggestions and its great to see a new guy come in and start making changes from day one (I'm KIDDING...sheesh).

And Sid? Keep your ideas to yourself...It all eventually comes down to work for me. :wink:

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