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Real Name: Michael Coulter

Nick Name: Mike

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Birth Date & Location: 22nd July, 1952 – Chicago, USA

Group Affiliation: The Demon Police

Position: Second in Charge

Mike is an African American man in his fifties. He has short cropped hair and sometime he wears a beard, his hair is starting to turn grey and so is his beard. Apart from that, and his receding hairline, his age doesn’t show much; he's still in shape and he's strong and agile.

Mike is also a very private person, laconic and serious; he has great respect for other's privacy too. However he's got a keen intelligence and sense of humour, even if it doesn’t show much.

(Mike is played by Danny Glover)

Mike Coulter was born to a suburban middle-class Chicago family. He had a regular childhood and was a thorough student until at the age of 18 he was drafted to go to Vietnam before he could enter the mid-western college he had planned to attend.

Although frustrated with not being able to attend college, Mike faced the challenge of war with confidence. He already was a strong young man whose abilities in sports had won him a scholarship, and he had some knowledge in weapons after many hunting excursions with his father. After a short training program he was sent to South Vietnam to serve in the US infantry corps.

It was during the war that he became aware of the supernatural beings in the world. He had been stationed in Vietnam for over two years when his battalion was attacked by men with strangely deformed faces. They were positioned in the Central Highlands in South Vietnam, a wild mountainous area that extends westward into Laos. Numerous sightings of Vietcong troops had been spotted by air, but they had been combing the area for several days and hadn’t seen anybody, nor been attacked.

The group of vampires attacked by surprise at nightfall, and they easily disposed of most of the battalion before being interrupted by a group of Vietnamese peasants, led by a slight girl who seemed to be nothing more than a teenager and an old man who nevertheless moved with agility and strength. The group managed to destroy most of the vampires and scare off the rest. Mike was among the few Americans who survived, although he was weak from blood loss. The Vietnamese took the soldiers with them to their hidden quarters. During the next couple of days, the Americans fought death, and finally Mike was the only one to survive.

Using the small vocabulary he had acquired in his time in Vietnam, Mike could communicate with his saviours, learning that the things that had attacked his battalion were vampires and that the slight girl was a Vampire Slayer. He later learnt that the old man, Túan Van, spoke English and was part of an organization called The Watchers' Council. Mike stayed with the group the remaining years of the war, considering that fighting the vampires and other demons that attacked and fed on his fellow soldiers was as important as fighting the Vietcong. It also helped in his decision that he had fallen in love with Lieng Thi, Lotus Poem, The Slayer.

They shared a passionate romance until she was killed by a demon three years after they met. With Lieng Thi dead and the War finishing Mike accepted Túan Van's offer to go to England with him. The Watcher was as broken as the young man, and they found some strength in the shared loss. However, once in England, Mike rejected the offer to join the Council and instead he decided to hunt vampires and demons in a more 'freelance' way. It was in those years that he met Ernest Longwood, an ex-Watcher and friend of Túan Van's .

In 1976 Ernie offered Mike a position in the newly created 'Magic & Relics' branch in his company, and he readily accepted. The position allowed him to travel around the world, learn more about the supernatural world and keep hunting, mostly vampires, but also whichever demons were threatening.

During his years with Longwood Inc., Mike also considered associating with some hunter organizations, but every time he ended up refusing. The reasons were varied, but mostly because he couldn’t make himself vow to hold to rules and restrictions he hadn’t had a word of in writing and he didn’t completely agree upon. Some of these organizations' ruthlessness towards the demons they hunted also repulsed him, and he became more and more convinced he had to work alone.

However, when Ellis Longwood appeared with his idea for founding his 'Demon Police', Mike had been hunting demons long enough and wide enough to understand that such an association was needed.

He had known Ellis Longwood since the young man had been a small boy travelling around with his father, and had always liked the boy. He had turned into a good man. He felt sympathetic for Ellis' loss too, somehow he identified with him. Mike knew the young man would put his idea into practice with or without him, and decided it was better he did it with him. So he supported him and lent his no small experience and knowledge in the area to make the idea work. With his knowledge, Ellis' passion and Longwood Inc's resources the 'Demon Police' slowly started to be a reality.

Mike never married and he hasn’t fallen in love again after losing Lieng Thi, which doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his share of attachments and relationships. His rugged good looks and laconic ways are usually attractive to women. He usually prefers dark, exotic women, mostly oriental.

Mike has the powers of a strong man of his years. His years in the war and as a hunter had left him no small experience in fighting supernatural beings or humans. He is fast and accurate with fire weapons. He has no supernatural powers, but is very observant and very intelligent.

A Note on - The Demon Police
The Demon Police only acts when a hunter proves to be ruthlessly attacking and killing harmless demons - the kind that offer no threat to humanity, but rather try to live in peace with them or just by themselves. They don’t attack those hunters that prey on dangerous demons, or vampires. They are not so naïve to believe that ‘all’ demons should be protected.

After its formation, the Demon Police has slowly but steadily grown, although compared to some of the hunter organizations, like Ulle, it’s still very small and weak. In most of the places where there is a ‘Magic & Relics’ branch of Longwood Inc., there’s a Demon Police quarter, and in those places, harmless demons tend to live happier and longer lives. While not taking care of ruthless ‘demon hunters’ the Demon Police associates spend their time investigating and hunting those demons who are dangerous to either other demons or humans, and they always have time to hunt the vampire population. The rest of the time they are just Longwood Inc. employees, at least those who are human or could pass for human.

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