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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Simon Hedge (aka Serge Moritz, Simon Mozek)

Nick Name: Simon

Birth Date & Location: 1-10-1970

Position: Exorcist, Private Eye

Group Affiliation: Benandanti/Dobrytampesky

Simon's Picture Gallery

Sam is every inch the blonde Lucifer - he has wide, questioning, grey-blue eyes the shape of fat almonds; thin lips red as apples, and a kind of brand-new silly-putty complexion with a constant days growth of rough bristle along his jaw line, chin and lip. His is dark blond and perpetually and unintentionally spiked in random directions. His body is slim without being skinny or particularly well developed. His hands are narrow, with long, thin fingers and to-the-quick-bitten fingernails.

(Simon is played by David Bowie)

Simon Mozek was born in Prague's Jewish Section with his birth caul (fetal sac) still intact around his head. To his family, this marked him as being called to a life of war. To the Benandanti (Czech, Dobrytampesky), those born with a caul are born to answer a call. They are the Good Walkers, the Wolves of God. They are talented exorcists, magus, and astral projectors. They use their abilities to defend the people from the forces of evil in the world. Benandanti are taught the ways of demon and ghost hunting, and usually live out their lives in villages near Hellmouths and other supernatural hotspots. They are known within their communities, and given the same respect and station as clergy. The Benandanti believe themselves to be agents of God, and are therefore very pious people. (the most common bands follow variations of either Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, or Jewish. Mozek's line is Jewish)

Simon's extended family defended the Jewish Quarter of Prague, and are the only known Benandanti/Dobrytampesky group to work from within a major city. The area is notoriously plagued by dybbuks and other malicious spirits. Simon spent his first 17 years working exclusively in Prague, ghost hunting and controlling the local vampire population. On March 6, 1987, a general call to all Bendandanti and Dobrytampesky came from a small village in Turkey, on the coast of the Black Sea. A portal had opened, and it looked like an army of astral demons were gearing up to enter our realm. The local Benandanti cadre had already fallen barring the demons' advance scouts.

Simon's camp immediately performed a ritual allowing them to astrally project themselves to the village. (In this form, they appear as huge dire wolves. The ritual involves the rejuvenating of the birth caul by drawing blood onto it with the practitioner’s personal dobrynuz (good knife) and placing the now pliable caul over the face.) The battle turned for the worse, and Simon's mother forced him back to his body. The remaining Benandanti sacrificed themselves to close the portal. In just a few seconds, Simon Mozek became the last Dobrytampesky, and the last known Benandanti, in the world.

After a year in Leningrad and two in Moscow, he emigrated to America (1993), leaving the defense of Prague to the very adept rabbi’s and priests of the city. He changed his name to Simon Hedge, and lived in San Francisco. It took him just under a year to become fluent in English, and another two for his accent to fade. His time as Bendandanti and travels after Prague earned him fluency in Czech, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish. He started night classes, and became a licensed private detective in just under two years. Afterward, he took up his old job as a protector, taking cases that appeared to be supernaturally related. In 2001, he travelled to LA while working on a case, and opened a satellite office. In 2004, he closed the Frisco office and moved to LA full time.

As a Dobrytampesky, Sam is a powerful exorcist, using folk variations on Hebrew rituals. As long as he has his caul, he can see (and only see) into the astral realm with concentration and closed eyes. He also has a firm grasp on Hermetic and traditional Kabbala magic, and demon hunting. Provided he has his caul, ritual knife, and a safe room, he can project himself as a spectral dire wolf. In this form, he cannot affect or be affected by physical objects, but is the equal of most standard demons and spirits. He must return to his body before sunset or sunrise (which ever comes first) or he will be trapped on the astral plane for a full lunar cycle.

His dobrynuz is more a ritual tool than weapon. He can use it as a kind of wand in exorcisms and magic, and requires it for the projection ritual, but cannot use it as a weapon against physical enemies (it does exist on both planes, and can harm astral creatures). It was forged in a ritual involving wolvesbane and a piece of his birth caul. Were he to loose either the blade or his caul, he would be bound to the physical plane, but would retain his magical skills.

He lives in an apartment above his offices just off of downtown Los Angeles.

Dobry Nuz (Good Knife), stakes, holy water, silver "Star of David", ritual gear, white ash stakes, leather bag holding his caul on a thong around his neck.

He typically wears one of a handful of worn, wool or linen suits; black shoes; and occasional wool overcoat. He habitually smokes Upland Days pipe tobacco from a Briarcat Zephyr, has a year-old PC at his office, and an Ipod.

The Pipe:

The Dobrynuz:

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