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ok, realised that the pics are not coming up, for some unknown reason. *exasperated look* to view them, cut and paste the urls into ur browser window... sorry guys, know it's a hassle, but they just won't appear! i don't know why! sigh...

hey everyone... i've actually come up with a couple of wallpapers for l.a by night... they're done in a 1024x768 resolution, but if you need it in another size, just drop me a message and let me know.

to see what they look like, go to the following url - http://www.geocities.com/widowpoison/wallpapers.html and take a look at the samples i've posted there. these files have been shrunk though, so don't use them.

the actual files have been zipped - download them at the following url (right click and choose "save target as") - http://www.geocities.com/widowpoison/wallpapers.zip. please note that since the files are jpegs, ur desktop needs to be activated before u can use them.

Very Nice...

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I like the second one myself... question where did you get the full size pic?

l.a pic

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nick - the pic's the same one u posted on the l.a by night web site. *smile* i just enlarged it using photoshop. ahhh, the wonders of graphic design software... almost anything's possible! *impish grin* :wink:

personalised wallpapers

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oh... one more thing... i got a little carried away with the wallpapers and decided to start doing one for each individual character. :roll: heh heh... the designs are quite simple, made up of just the character's name against a matching coloured background.

so far, i've only done jade's and tash's... mainly cos i'm not too sure what the rest of ur favourite colours are. if u want me to do a wallpaper for ur pc, drop me an email at widowpoison@yahoo.com stating ur colour preference.

i'll post up the samples as soon as i get home... hate being stuck in the office on a friday... especially when i'm half-asleep and it's only lunch time! *growls* :(

samples of personalised wallpapers

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heh, ok... once again, to see what i'vee done for other pcs, go to http://www.geocities.com/widowpoison/wallpapers.html and take a look at the wallpaper samples i've posted there. *smile*

l.a by night wallpapers

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Yeah I mean where you got the no cut off pic then I realised that its in the pictures of the city section.

So much has changed...

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Any btw, what happened to all your dollies April???


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heh, i'm still drawing them... in the midst of doing the ebony doll for hannah, but work's left me totally sapped of time and energy to do much. okok, i'll admit that it's not just that. :oops: i've been procrastinating... *covers ears in anticipation of everyone screaming @ her*

dave - will be send you the ones i've already finished when i get home... *beams* the rest will come as and when i manage to complete them.

doll wallpapers

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oh, one more thing. i actually compiled the dolls i've completed - jade, sorrow, kate, tash, jem, mrs white, eriantha, valerian, daye and matthias - onto a wallpaper, resolution = 1024x768.

i won't post that up yet. not till i complete the ebony, tempest, cian and victor dolls. at least then all the pcs will be represented... heheh... let me know if any of you need the wallpaper in a different resolution / size...

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