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Name: Ellis Longwood

Species: human

Gender: male

Date and Place of birth: January 21st, 1976 – London, England

Affiliation: Demon Police

Position: Director


Ellis is played by Guy Pearce.

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Description: With classic, square-jawed good looks, Ellis Longwood is a handsome man. He has piercing blue eyes and light brown hair. He's 5' 11" (1.80 m) and fit. Mostly he wears suits in accordance to his position as director of Longwood Inc., but when in his free time he likes to wear casual clothes.

Ellis was born in London, but during his childhood, he didn’t live much in England because he accompanied his parents in their travels around the world. His mother, Andrea Longwood, was the eldest daughter to an English Viscount, and although she didn’t inherit the title, her father gave her and her husband one of the many family businesses, a huge import-export company. His father, Ernest Longwood, soon escalated his way up the company levels, not only because of his marriage to the owner’s daughter but because of his intelligence and driving. The import and export of goods fascinated him and Ernie always used every opportunity he had to travel to the company’s offices around the world. He usually took his wife and son with him in his travels.

His father was also responsible for opening the scope of the company’s dealings. Under his influence, the company opened offices in many places of Asia, Oceania and South America and started to deal in magical and mystical objects apart from its usual goods. Later the name of the company was changed to Longwood Inc. and its “Magic & Relic’s branch” have been providing magic shops all around the world with mystical items for the past 30 years. This side trade was never as profitable as the usual goods they dealt with but became very important in Ellis life.

Due to their continuous travels, Ellis never attended regular school; his studies were a rather non-orthodox mix of her mother for all that related to etiquette and his position in England aristocracy, a tutor for all ‘earthly’ subjects, his father for those not so ‘earthly’. Ellis’ father was an ex-Watcher, and he never stopped studying and researching on the occult, he influenced his son in his love for the supernatural. In their travels, Ernie would teach the boy about demons, and vampires and magic. They would decipher codexes, find the workings of mystical devices and practice different demon languages. In his father’s dealings to open new commerce paths, he would meet all kind of creatures. Although Ernie would always keep an eye on him, he wanted Ellis to learn all he could about the ‘real’ world, and understand that not all non-humanness was bad. He had of course discovered that the boy had inherited his mother’s sixth sense and didn’t want him to be influenced by it.

When Ellis was old enough to enter high school, his mother insisted that the boy needed to study in Eton College, how else would he meet and relate to other children of his breeding and class? He needed to forge the kind of friendships that would help him in his future life as a member of the English nobility. Ernie didn’t think much of this, the boy didn’t have a title after all, but his cousin would be the next Marquess of Aberdale. After one of the worst arguments he ever had with his wife, Ernie finally acceded to let the boy enter the exclusive college.

Ellis years in Eton weren’t the most pleasing ones. He wasn’t used to be with other kids, let alone live with them in a boarding school. His strange ways and stories earned him the nickname of ‘Spook’. However, soon it was clear that the new boy should be left alone, since he could very well defend himself, and whoever told him Spook in his face would end up with a black eye or something worse. Ernie had also taught his son how to fight in ways that the pampered Eton boys couldn’t possible imagine. His father was called countless times during that first year, each time feeling proud of his son but advising him to control himself and stop giving the other kids reasons to taunt him. “Don’t hide who you are. Never that. But the only person who has to accept you, is yourself.” Ernie’s words made the boy mind his ways, and he could spend the rest of his time in a relative peace.

During all the School’s holidays, he would go back to his family and spend the time with his father and his hobbies. He never stopped studying the supernatural.

When he graduated, six years later. He decided that he didn’t want to go through a similar ordeal, so he didn’t enter University, to her mother’s chagrin. He spoke to his father and told him that he wanted to work in the company, and that all he needed to learn he would in the company itself. To his surprise, Ernie agreed with this, and gave his son a low position in the business, so he would learn how it operated from the lowest to the highest. During the following years, the youth worked hard to understand the workings of a business that would one day be his. Ellis learnt the trade well, in five years, he was working besides his father, and in ten, he had assumed the company’s presidency when his father retired.

When Ellis was 27 years old, he met a woman that changed his life. Her name was Ling and she worked in one of his father’s new trade posts in Singapore. She was the link between Longwood Inc. “Magic & Relic’s” branch and the Singapore many demon groups. The two youths fell in love and lived a passionate affair for some months. When Ling told Ellis that she was pregnant, she also told him the truth about her nature. She was a Rinna demon, and she was terrified he would leave her when he found out. But Ellis had known from the beginning that she wasn’t human, and didn’t mind. His father’s teachings had proven stronger than his mother’s prejudice. Ellis was elated by her having his child and asked her to marry him. He even told his father about Ling. The future seemed bright for them.

Then tragedy stuck. After some days without seeing her, Ellis discovered that a Demon Hunter had killed Ling and her entire family. Ellis couldn’t understand it at first, why would anybody kill an entire family of Rinna demons? They were completely harmless, and completely human in form, the only difference being that originally they lived underwater and they could breathe air or water. But they had long chosen to live in the open, within humans. Ling’s family was the last Rinna group known in Singapore, and now they were all dead.

Grief rendered him frozen for some time. Nothing could go through his grief, but a cold rage that slowly grew within him. Finally he decided to avenge Ling. Using what he had learnt from his father, and the company’s connections, he tracked down and found the hunter that had killed her. The man was a freelance hunter that relished in ‘freeing’ the world of non-human creatures, but he mostly preyed on those ‘non-humans’ that didn’t fight back. He wasn’t ready for Ellis and his training. The man didn’t stand a chance.

After this, Ellis decided that those kinds of hunters couldn’t exist. He redirected his investigations to learn all he could about hunters’ organizations. What he learnt he didn’t like, most of the time the hunters didn’t care what kind of demon they killed as long as they had their sport; and apart from some honor bound organizations, most were just ruthless people joined together. Showing off demon’s heads on a library wall.

He decided that something had to be done about this. Every place he went he made a point to learn about so called ‘demon hunters’ and their methods, motivations and connections. In his travels he learnt that he wasn’t the only one to find this sport unnatural and, ironically, completely inhuman. Others did, for different reasons, think like him. Not all of them humans too. The idea of joining those like himself in another kind of organization slowly grew in him.

It was his first step to talk with his father, being that Ernie had much more experience and knowledge than himself in the supernatural world. Acting upon his father advice, he contacted Mike Coulter, a free-lance vampire hunter who worked for the 'M&R' branch. Together they created what they jokingly call the “Demon Police.”

The Demon Police only acts when a hunter proves to be ruthlessly attacking and killing on harmless demons. The kind that offer no threat to humanity, but rather try to live in peace with them or just by themselves. They don’t attack those hunters that prey on dangerous demons, or vampires. They are not so naïve to believe that ‘all’ demons should be protected.

In the years later to this, the Demon Police has slowly but steadily grown, although compared to some of the Hunter’s organizations, like Ulle, it’s still a very small and weak. In most of the places where there is a ‘Magic & Relics’ branch of Longwood Inc., there’s a Demon Police quarter, and in those places, harmless demons tend to live happier and longer lives. While not taking care of ruthless ‘demon hunters’ the demon police associates spend their times investigating and hunting those demons who are dangerous to either other demons or humans, and they have always time to hunt on the vampire population. The rest of the time they are just Longwood Inc. employees, at least those who are human or could pass for humans.

Ellis Longwood physical powers are those of a well-trained, strong young man. He knows how to fight and use weapons. Apart from that, Ellis has a sixth sense that can tell him upon seeing a creature if it has any drop of supernatural blood in it. He can recognize vampires, witches, demons, etc. and usually has an empathic connection with them. This is very weak, but he can tell the intent on a their actions, or whether they are lying or not. Of course, an experimented psychic or a powerful witch can make these signals get confusing or blocked. He doesn't have that connection with humans.

Unlike his father, who despises fire weapons, Ellis likes them. He owns a pair of .45 Colt revolvers that belonged to his aristocratic grandfather. They were a gift for his eighteenth birthday. He usually uses them in his hunting.

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