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Tweeeeet! Penalty!

Somehow the entire board has been turned into the WAG forum!

Curb some of that enthusiasm and keep your forums on topic, please. Its hard enough to organize this stuff without having everyone (including me) peppering the boards with random comments willy-nilly.

Sheesh you'd think all we did here was play play play...

Now, back you your regularly scheduled show....

Flag on the Play!

Tarix Conny's picture

*eyes her latest post about "the rock"*

*Slaps her forehead* Now he tells me.....

Flag on the Play!

Disposable_Hero's picture

I was wondering when somebody was going to say something... :P

*whistles and looks innocent whilst cradling his rock and another of Jamie's shoes and eying the distance between him and Dave...*

Flag on the Play!

Hola-Meg-a-Cola's picture

*Runs out of the forums to escape trouble from Dave*

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