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Race: Vampireless souled vampire

Sex: Male

Real Name: Unknown

Nickname: Stalker

Birth Date and Location: 7/24/1782 England

Position: N/A

Group Affiliation: N/A


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Well built with a height of 5' 9" ,blonde hair and youthful good looks combined with eyes that have witnessed more then their fair share of pain and heart ache make this character strange yet seemingly forboding.

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Stalker's picture

An orphan at birth who as child didn't have much going for him, he grew up as a stable boy for a drunken gentleman who beat him when ever he got the chance, one day when the boy was in his late teens, he was found dead in the stables with bite marks to his neck. He was buried and rose the next night his first task was to kill the man who made his life a living hell... and was never heard from again. He spends most of his time hidden in the background watching and waiting. His motives are not clearly defined and if you wanted to know them you wouldn't be able to find him to ask, he is excellent at not being seen as he has learned from centurys of practice.


Stalker's picture

A gold ring with a firey red ruby and a silver pendant enscribed with the letters R.J.O

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