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NPC Updated - Quinala KOSSINTON, hehe... ahem...

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Name: Quinala Kossinton
Nick Names: Quin, Queenie, Nali
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Played by Susan May Pratt

Quin’s height levels 5’7” to the mark. Her deadly straight, raven black hair appears almost like silk, falling halfway down her back in stark contrast to her milky white skin that many would mistake for a person who has never seen the light of day. Her features are picturesque, almost unnatural in their lack of even the slightest flaw. Adopting a more Gothic style, she prefers to wear only black (or subtle variants of it), shrieking of style, class, and elegance.

Her appearance and attitude is quiet and dainty. Her emotions are violently subdued, much like her will to stand up for herself. If endangered, she’ll react instinctively and try for safety, but as far as her fighting skills go: she has no technique that’ll assist in giving her any chance of protection or survival.

-Physically weak
-Has no physical skills in self defence
-Quick healer
-Immune to disease (unaware of)
-Social problems
-Musical voice
-Has a gift for singing
-Lacks motivation and feeling of independence
and therefore…
-Lacks confidence
-Doesn’t scar (in a way bad for her: she’s bland with nothing visual to tell a story)

Quinala was born on June the 20th, 1989, at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Her parents had moved to Melbourne only six months prior to her birth from Perth, WA. Her family was rather well off financially, dealing in multiple property investments, and were eventually able to purchase some land in Toorak to build their own home.

Quin has lived with her parents, Frank and Beth, along with her two older brothers, Jason and Nicolas, in Melbourne for the whole of her life up to this very day.

Her parents had enrolled her in Melbourne Grammar school, just as they had done with her brothers. However, unlike her brothers, her attendance records left a lot to be desired. But this lack of commitment was not something of her own choosing. If she had it her way, she would of much preferred to be able to attend every single, solitary, energy sucking class, socialise with friends and go out with her boyfriend, Trent, who didn’t even know half of what he thought he did about her. Despite the rumours that circulated the school over Quin though, Trent had never listened to them and always defended her, especially on those rare days she managed to turn up.

Quin has two deep, dark secrets that she keeps tightly hidden from the outside world. One of them is a family secret that they have had to deal with since their ancestors first settled on the eastern shores of Australia, arriving on the First Fleet. Her boyfriend, Trent, is only partly aware of the situation, knowing only that her life is, for some reason and to some extent, controlled and lead by some man as a result of something in her family history that she has no power to overthrow.

Her second secret is one that no one, not even her own family or boyfriend, is aware of.

Feeling the weight and oppression of her life, Quin flees her home and life in Melbourne to try and start anew in LA. An internet contact had provided her with housing for a couple of months until she was kicked out onto the streets by their returning parents with no money or possessions.

Quin had since been living on the streets for near to a month, before she was discovered and taken in by Tash, who evidently, reunited her with her near forgotten cousin, Reanna, by accident.

-For reasons unknown to herself, she has had an innate ability to mentally communicate with rodents, and to some degree has an empathy with all other creatures, able to sense their feelings and emotions. Over the entirety of her life, her unexplained abilities have developed, and her senses strengthened.

-Enhanced beauty. Her features have an enchantment of a sort on them that neither allows them to blemish, nor scar, and slows her aging. This was not something she executed herself, nor was it her choice. She doesn’t even really know what it is, or that it’s there! She’s only aware that any scars she used to have had disappeared, pimples or sun spots haven’t been a problem since she was 13, and her summer tan she used to love and develop just vanished, never to return. Her features have just been more pure and lush.

-A side affect from her enchantment is an increased healing rate. She can regenerate at a rate not far off that of a vampire’s.

-Quin has an immunity to pathogens, but is unaware of this. As far as she’s concerned, she just doesn’t get sick very easily.

NPC Updated - Quinala KOSSINTON, hehe... ahem...

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was not sure where i updated this or how, but i took a whild stab in the dark and put it here :oops: please don't kill me *hides*

NPC Updated - Quinala KOSSINTON, hehe... ahem...

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No worries, Amanda - unless you're a Mod or above you can't see the NPC Forum anyway. I've updated Quin for you.

NPC Updated - Quinala KOSSINTON, hehe... ahem...

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*hurgs and kisses* SQWEEE :mrgreen: heheeh

thaaaank yooooouuuu

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