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Race: Human

Sex: Female

Real Name: Maria Alashkov

Nick Name: Maria

Birth Date & Location: Circa 2001 - England

Group Affiliation: Daughter to Mantheana Alashkov

Position: NONE

Maria's Picture Gallery

Maria looks more or less like your average almost four-year-old. She has dark auburn hair and has inherited her mother's maroon eyes. Her skin is a little pasty, as her mother never goes outside in day so she spends most of her time inside. She is very small and sweet. She is very calm for a child of her age.

(Maria is played by Holistone Coleman)

Born in England in the back room to a cheap motel, Maria is the daughter of Mantheana Alashkov and Mikhail Trankski. Maria was named after Mantheana's best friend as a child, the daughter of the Czarina. She lives with her mother and never knew her father, although her mother always tells her stories about him. She had news of the mystical put upon her at an early age and accepts it alright. She knows about vampires etc and they don't bother her.

She has moved from country to country but is now settled in a large, old mansion in LA with Mantheana. She has had home tutoring instead of school so far, but Mantheana is contemplating state school. Mantheana is teaching her ballet. Maria is inquisitive but quiet and fluent in English and Russian.

Maria wears mainly little girl dresses, not unlike more upper class, velvet 'Alice in Wonderland' type things. She always drags the beautiful but tattered doll Miesha around with her, who belonged to Mantheana a long time ago. The great wolf Yasha is never far behind her.

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