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it's about Dathan, I need your opinions on this...

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Well, I thought about this concerning Dathan, but since it involves a major character I wanted your opinions. From all I have read Dathan has a god complex, and he used to live in South America were he was revered as one.

Alessa was born in the region where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay share borders, in that same region her ex, Morris Giles, was killed (or possible turned). In that same region it existed what once was called the “Jesuit Province of Paraguay”. Don’t worry, I’m going to elaborate on that.

The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits as they are commonly called, is a religious order founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola and it’s formation was approved by the Pope Paul lll on 27 Sept., 1540. From the very beginning the missionary labours of the Jesuits among the pagans of India, Japan, China, Canada, Central and South America were as important as their activity in Christian countries. As the object of the society was the propagation and strengthening of the Catholic faith everywhere, the Jesuits naturally endeavored to spread their faith among the pagans. Of the Spanish missions, the most noteworthy were in South America.

Between the years 1609 and 1768 in the border areas of the current Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, flourished the “Jesuit Province of Paraguay." The province contained 584 members (of whom 385 were priests) before the Suppression, with 113,716 Indians under their charge. These Indians were of the Guaraní tribe, although they called themselves simply Abá, that is, men. 30 towns were formed and they reached a high social and technological level. The Jesuits became as powerful and rich that they caused the anger of the Spaniards and Portuguese, culminating with the expulsion of the Jesuits from South America. From the missions remain the example of an extraordinary civilizing experience in the entire world, the archaeological wealth, the sculpture, the layout of the cities, the magnificent ruins, the history counted in museums, culture centers and universities.

Well, that is history, you can check it out. My thoughts were that the Guaraní Indians could have known and feared Dathan, believing him a god, thus the Spanish evangelization could have been threatening to him, so the expulsion of the Jesuits could have been promoted by him, or most possibly by Krispin. However some knowledge about him, Dathan it is, could have been preserved by priests who fled to the jungle and were rescued by the Indians that they had protected.

Morris, whom had an obsession with Dathan, got to the Jesuit’s codexes (who had been guarded from generation to generation by a guaraní family of chamanes) and found something (I don’t know what yet, open to suggestions) that could threaten the vampire. That’s why he was killed (turned in fact), but he had had time to write it down in his diary, which Alessa rescued from the embers that had been their cabin. The vampires who attacked the Hunt’s house in Ca. were looking for that diary, but Alessa had gone to England instead, to Ernie, so they missed her.

That diary, then, contains some information, something that the guaranís knew about him, that could lead to Dathan’s destruction, not soon, of course and maybe not even by Alessa but…

What do you think? Do you believe it is viable?

it's about Dathan, I need your opinions on this...

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Actually, Ally, that seems to fall in absolutley perfectly with some ideas a few of us have been kicking around with regards to the culmination of Season Three. I shall have to talk to you a bit more privately, to not spoil some surprises, but Dave and I have read this and love your ideas. It's well thought out and internally consistent, and is a good plot hook for Alessa (and therefore Chance :wink:) for the Season finale. :D

it's about Dathan, I need your opinions on this...

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That’s great, Heather!! I thought it was a good plan but I wanted your opinions, and of course we should get together to discuss it. Anytime. :D

it's about Dathan, I need your opinions on this...

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Do you know that the name of my country is a Guaraní word?

My country takes its name from the river that runs along it, and the name of the river, Uruguay, means "river of the colorful birds". Poetic, isn't it?

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