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Race: Human

Sex: Female

Real Name: Amanda Blaise

Nickname: Daye, Mandy

Birth Date and Location: 31st October, 1979 - Ireland

Position: Field Agent & Part Time Store Assistant at Bibliophile

Group Affiliation: Watchers Council

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Daye stands 6’1”, with the lean muscular build of someone who has been very physical as part of her lifestyle. Hers is not a gym build. She has long red hair that is either stick straight or has a slight wave to it. She is fair of complexion and has light green eyes. Daye is usually dressed in red, yellow, orange, or some combination of the three.

Daye is usually found carrying a staff with an orange stone at the top, and a small pouch containing spell components. She does not carry a gun although she can use one. Daye does not own a car, so she walks or takes the bus when she needs to get around LA.

(Daye is played by Angie Everhart)


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Amanda was born to a lonely, and quiet woman who lived on the outskirts of a small village in Ireland. The woman was a healer, midwife, and soothsayer with a long family history of that sort of thing. She lived alone when she had Amanda and would never discuss the girl’s father except to say that he did not have the stomach for life with a “witch.”

Amanda learned about herbalism and simple spellcraft while living with her mother. Then, when Amanda turned 14, her mother took ill with a wasting disease that left her unable to function. Amanda took over all her mothers duties, caring for the sick, delivering babies, and providing foolish young men with charms to woo and ward. At the same time, she worked endlessly to try and cure her mother. Yet, despite all her efforts the woman grew worse and worse, and one beautiful morning Amanda’s mother died.

Amanda was devastated. She had no friends and no other family to turn to. She buried her mother and returned home, only to find a visitor there. The visitor was a man from an organization in London who wanted to speak with her. His name was Ambrose Delancre, an Englishman with a French Gypsy mother who worked for an organization known as The Watchers Council. The Council was very interested in Amanda and what she could do. They had been watching over her for a while and now Ambrose had been sent to take her back with him to learn more about the Council. Amanda was numb from her ordeal, but she knew she needed someone or something to give her life new purpose, so she agreed to go with him.

Amanda went to live and study at the Council’s compound in Kilkarney. She studied spellcraft, herbalism, and all matter of magecraft. She also studied many other subjects. She became proficient in martial arts, firearms, and research skills, as well as surveillance and detection. Essentially, she learned all the skills necessary to be an effective field agent for the Watchers’ Council.

While at the compound, Amanda learned that she had a “great destiny” according to prophecy. She was to play an important role in the life a yet unborn child, a child who was prophesied to change the world.

Amanda began her studies in Ireland. While there, she met a very special and unusual young man who lived on the Kilkarney property. Being quite sheltered, Amanda, at age 19 was intrigued by this stranger. She had few friends and longed for companionship, so she struck up a fast friendship with the man, Ryan. She and Ryan spent every free moment together for months and, as is usually the case between a young man and woman, their feelings grew stronger and changed. Ryan was Amanda’s first real love. He was also a demon.

Amanda loved Ryan, demon or no, and she learned from him as well. Ryan’s demonic nature was such that at night, when the sun set, he assumed another form, transforming from his human face to a different, far more alien one. His demon ancestors came from a long dead dimension where night reined eternally. So, Ryan considered himself a true creature of the night. He called Amanda his “Daye” and said that she brought the long sought after light to his life.

A few months after Amanda and Ryan began their affair, they were discovered by members of the council whose duty it was to watch over Amanda’s activities. Amanda’s mentor, Ambrose, was angry and sickened by Amanda’s relationship to the demon. He caught them together and imprisoned Ryan. To ensure that Amanda was freed from his “influence”, Ambrose had Ryan tortured in front of her. He was convinced Amanda had been forced, coerced, or enchanted by “the monster”. Ambrose told Amanda later that Ryan had been put to death and she was sent to England to study under a new mentor, Baldur.

Although Baldur was sorry for Amanda’s loss, he convinced her she could not give up on life. With his tender caring and support, Amanda was able to finish her studies. Although she grew to trust Baldur, she never truly regained her faith in the Council or it’s philosophies. In remembrance of her one true love, Amanda took to using the nickname he gave her, and is known to most as “Daye.”

Amanda was taken by Baldur to the Coven of Sindell, an organization that he held ranking in, but after seeing the way they did things, decided not to join. While at the Coven, Amanda met many of the witches and novices there, among them, Catherine Wiccham.

Amanda left England for Los Angeles in February of 2005. Her assignment is to research any unusual activity in the area and report it back to the Council.


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Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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Daye took a job at The Bibliophile after shortly after arriving in Los Angeles. She joined up with a loosely configured group of people who were all concerned with the Cloch Chosan. She formed friendships with many of these people, especially the vampire hunter Natasha Brookes and the demon Victor. Daye reunited with her old friend from Sindell, Catherine Wiccham. Daye and all her friends worked together to collect the Shards and stop the Cloch Chosan from being opened and were successful in diverting an apocalypse.

Unbeknownst to Daye, while she and her friends were busy dealing with the Shards and the possible devastation of the Cloch Chosan, a mysterious stranger by the name of The Nightwalker had arrived in Los Angeles and was searching for her. The stranger seemed to have the ability to control others.

Daye met a young man named Drew Langley one morning while working at The Bibliophile. Drew was a professor at UCLA specializing in paranormal psychology. Drew asked Daye out and she went. Daye and Drew began dating and their relationship quickly evolved into something serious on both their parts.

Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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Daye’s long thought dead lover, Ryan, appeared in Los Angeles unexpectedly. He claimed that he had been held and tortured for years, but that he had escaped to come back to her. Daye was very confused and upset by this turn of events. She decided impulsively to go away to Ireland with Drew for the summer in order to work things out in her head and to see where things with Drew might go.

While investigating a castle in Ireland that Drew had come about, Daye began to behave very oddly. Daye became ensnared in some mystical energy and Drew had to contact the Coven of Sindell to enlist Kate’s help to rescue her. Kate came to Ireland and discovered that Daye was trapped in some sort of dream state, which apparently had something to do with Daye’s family line, the Blaises. Kate was able to bring Daye around and together, Kate, Daye, and Drew laid the family spirits to rest in the castle. Daye was left with a new power at the end of this ordeal. She could now sense certain things about a place based on the residual energy left behind by those beings that once inhabited it.

While Daye was in Ireland, Ryan remained behind in Los Angeles. He was very angry about Daye leaving. It was revealed that Ryan, aka The Nightwalker, has a burning hunger for living energy. He craves Daye’s energy to ultimately satisfy this need. Ryan was approached by a strange entity known as Mother Mariah while Daye was in Ireland. Mother Mariah was seeking an artifact, an amulet, known as the Soul of Atlantis. Daye had the amulet in her possession. Ryan agreed to help Mariah, assuming that in the end he would gain control of Daye.

Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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Daye came home from Ireland with Drew and things settled down a bit. She got more involved in The Bibliophile and decided to plan a get together with all of her friends. She was very busy, but also found herself struggling more and more with sleep and her strangely disturbing dreams. She told Ryan that she was through with him, but he continued to plague her. Daye eventually had to explain to Drew about Ryan, because Ryan crashed a dinner party she had with Drew, Kate, and Galen.

Daye was unaware, but her dreams were actually the result of Mother Mariah’s interference. Mother Mariah was a powerful entity that existed only in this dream world. She could use her power to control and influence others through there dreams. While Daye’s resistance was worn down by Mariah’s continual assaults, Ryan was at the same time trying to insinuate himself into Daye’s psyche and manipulate her mind.

Mariah also recruited an unwitting young man named Samuel Aubrey into her fold. She groomed him to be her high priest, teaching him some ancient Atlantean ritual magic. Sam and Daye met in the dream world, Mariah calling them brother and sister.

Daye finally threw her party at The Bibliophile. It went well until Daye disappeared and the party was crashed by a group of vampires looking for something. The vampires were actually hired by Brother Wyatt, Mariah’s high priest at the time. They were there to retrieve a book that Daye brought back from Ireland. It was a family journal which held all the secrets of Mother Mariah and the Blaise family’s role in her captivity. Daye was found in the car of Parasol, a vampire and the aunt of Drew’s new friend, Chinaka. She was taken to Kate’s house to recover.

Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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The Bibliophile was destroyed by the attack and subsequent battle. Daye made plans to restore the shop and while she was at it, remodeled and added on a connecting restaurant. She was very busy with the shop repairs and preparing to reopen. She spent some time with Drew and began to feel better as the disturbing dreams came less frequently.

Alicia Wyldling, a Watcher attached to the shop went to England and came back with conflicting assignments. Ambrose Delancre, a high ranking Watcher, had charged her with keeping and eye on Daye and then informing him about her activities. Another Watcher, Ariel, on the other hand, had advised Alicia that Delancre’s motives might be questionable and to be careful when dealing with him. Ariel entrusted Alicia with an artifact that would be necessary in helping Daye.

Sam finally returned to Mother Mariah with the journal that was stolen from The Bibliophile. He began to work on deciphering the journal and Mariah started to send more and more dreams to Daye. She also began to recruit more members of her Brotherhood of Crimson in preparation for her planned ritual. With Mariah’s dream attacks coming more frequently, Daye was once again susceptible to Ryan’s influence. She began to succumb to his attempts at manipulation.

Mariah began to assemble the virgins that would be necessary to use in the ritual. She intended to use the girls and a special “vessel” to achieve a corporeal form permanently in the real world. Mariah had been training Sam to be the person who performed the ritual. Sam slowly began to figure out that his friends were in danger from Mariah, but he didn’t know how to help them. Finally, with Mariah’s help, Ryan was able to fully enthrall Daye. She slept with him and Drew found them in bed together. Daye laughed at Drew and left with Ryan.

Knowing that something was wrong, Drew went to Kate for help and they began to come up with a plan to rescue Daye. Meanwhile, at the Brotherhood house, Daye was artificially inseminated and impregnated with the “vessel.” Daye’s pregnancy was shortened by magic and she quickly approached the time when her baby would be due. She grew very close to Sam while staying with Ryan at the Brotherhood house. At the right time, Daye was taken to the ritual site on the pier and Sam presided over the ritual. An ancient evil was summoned and the virgins were to be it’s sacrifice. Kate, Galen, Drew, Alicia, Jess, Ellie and Reah fought Mariah’s minions and with the aid of the Arthach, managed to stop Mariah’s evil plan. Daye’s baby was born in the midst of the battle.

Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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Drew was so upset about the turn of events and the baby, that he told Daye he needed time away. She decided to take the girl, Maia, to Ireland to recuperate. In the months that they were gone, Drew decided that he was more unhappy apart from the woman he loved than he would be with her and Maia. He went to Ireland and reunited with them.

Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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When they got back to Los Angeles, Daye settled into a new home with Drew and Maia. Sam came to live with them, and took up the role of Maia’s caretaker. Daye had a visit from an old friend from the Watcher’s Council shortly after arriving home. Jimmy Han had been studying voodoo in South America.

Daye received a warning from the Council Headquarters in England about the appearance of the Brotherhood, a group of ancient vampires. She was advised to stay out of anything involving them. Shortly after, she discovered that a group of her friends, most notably Tash and Victor, have gone missing unexpectedly.

Sorrow came to her about the Brotherhood and their missing friends. Together, they discovered that Tash, and probably the others, were on some other plane of existence. Alessa Hunt brought Daye a diary which had information about how to defeat the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood managed to turn Ellie, the Slayer, and were feeding off her power, being boosted by it. Together Daye and Kate managed to decrypt the diary and discover the spell to overcome the Brotherhood. The Council called all members back to England, but Daye and Alicia Wyldling both refused to comply.

Daye’s friends returned from their sojourn in a foreign dimension and Daye filled Tash in on all that had happened while they were gone. Daye found out that Tash’s husband, Victor, did not come back with them. Daye and her friends organized and planned an attack on the Hyperion hotel, where the Brotherhood was hiding out. They launched the attack and were able to defeat the Brotherhood’s vampire minions. Sorrow performed the spell to overcome the Brotherhood themselves, but he sacrificed his life to do so.

Amanda (Daye) Blaise

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Daye and her friends had a memorial to say goodbye to all their lost loved ones. Jimmy Han returned and Daye let him stay at the Bibliophile. He had been working on a new project, but he didn’t want to talk about it prematurely. He was nervous though. Daye, Tash, and Kate began to formulate a plan to form a more organized group of heroic types, dubbed the White Hats in honor of Victor.

Jimmy was murdered by a large purple bunny while staying at the Bibliophile. He had uncovered damning evidence about Ambrose Delancre, the recently appointed First Elder of the Watcher’s Council and Daye’s old mentor. Daye was convinced that the murdering rabbit was none other than Tash’s friend, Alice. After Tash brought Alice around, however, they were able to convince Daye that the murderer had been an imposter in Alice guise. Daye attended the first White Hat meeting and afterwards asked Alessa Hunt to help find the shapeshifter that had posed as Alice. With the help of Alessa and her cousin Ines, they discovered the true identity of Jimmy’s killer.

At Christmas, Drew proposed to Daye and she accepted.

Daye found out that her friend Alessa was being held captive at a compound in Colombia. She and a few others staged a rescue and brought Alessa back from the island, where she’d escaped her captors. The demoness had no memory of her time in captivity. She was very ill when they found her.

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