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OK, I've just finished uploading all the game files back onto the board. For the most part they should also be formatted properly (italics, colours, etc.).


Well Done!!!

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Well I think that deserves a big round of applause!!! Especially since I know you lost so much sleep to get everything done!!



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Extremely impressive.


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very very nice :D

way to go heather!

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way to go heather... :D

pat on the back

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good job, heather.

Aw, shucks...

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:oops: Gee, all this praise will go to my head....

Really, I just got on a roll and couldn't stop. I'm as addicted as anyone to this game, and just wanted to see it up and running again.

Thanks to April, Robin and Louisa who stayed online and kept me amused through the night - couldn't have done it without you guys.

great to see it all back good job

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