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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Unknown

Nickname: Tempest

Birth Date and Location: 16th January, 1861 - Germany

Died: 22nd February, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: NONE

Group Affiliation: NONE

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Tempest stands 6'1", Weighs around 190Lb,with brown hair and brown eyes. Normally wears a thick black leather jacket with a simple white of black shirt and black pants. Tempest is also extremely physical fit and is remarkably strong for a human.

(Tempest is played by Peter Wingfield)

Tempest was born into a rich and powerful family but never truly fit in and always preferred to be alone, the only times he was truly happy were when he was always practising his swordsmanship in the woods behind his family's estate. When he turned 18 he discovered his family had a secret as it was revealed to him that night. His family was in fact a powerful sect of sorcerers, who had gained all they had through their magical deceptions.

After his 18th birthday he was taught magic but he only ever grasped the basics as his mind was never really focused on learning, but was always thinking of the next time he could get away and do what he wanted. Nine years after his magical training had begun his parents created a powerful spell of immortality and decided to test it on their only son. The night after the spell was completed his parents entered his bedchamber and wrought the powerful magic of their spell. Little did they know that the god whose power they were channelling demanded the bodies and souls of those who would wish to harness his might. As the spell was completed the bodies of Tempest's parents were torn and ripped apart buy the might of the god who's power they had wished to take advantage of. When Tempest awoke that morning to find his parent’s bodies were strewn about his bedroom, he was horribly distraught but little did he know that he was now immortal. After this incident he moved his grandfather into his family's home to live with him as he was beginning to have problems with his mobility.

His grandfather knew that Tempest was immortal but never dared to tell him as he knew it would make him hate his family and the magic they had practised. On his grandfather’s deathbed Tempest received his sword Feuer as a last gift from his grandfather who had enchanted it with many remarkable abilities. That is all that Tempest can remember of his past or is all he is willing to share...

Tempest spent much of the 20th century working as a mercenary for hire. In the 1980's he and Victor partnered to become jewel thieves and that was how they met Janus Hallow. The three stopped an opening of the Nether Arch in Paris in 1981 during which Tempest was trapped in the portal during the opening. All of his memories were tragically erased. Janus and Tempest had a brief affair in the mid 80's and Tempest wandered somewhat lost and confused until recently.

In 2005 Tempest travelled to Los Angeles, there he met with a mismatched group of demons and demon hunters who helped Tempest realise that the Cloch Cosan held the key to restoring his memory. When some of his memories were restored from the Shard of Antenorra, Tempest remembered a "dark man" from his past just after the death of his Grandfather in 1899.

It eventually transpired that this 'dark man' was in fact the demon Aetolus, whom had retained a covert control over the wayward mercenary ever since this fateful day. Although, maintaining a discreet distance from Tempest, as the Cloch Cosan began to gather in LA Aetolus put his plans into action and sent Tempest to retrieve the vessel for himself.

However, things did not go according to plan. On 22nd February, 2005 Tempest and his group of ‘friends’ halted the ritual being performed by a powerful warlock named Serapis. In a violent struggle Tempest took the soul of deceased witch and former lover Janus Hallow into his own body. As Janus attempted to open the Nether Arch for her own gain, both souls were ripped from the body of Tempest and then fought to re-gain control – resulting in an excess of power that ripped Tempest’s body in pieces.

Tempest is immortal, and never ages, gets sick, or is affected by any illness. He has a remarkable healing power and can recover from most wounds in a matter of days.

Tempest has been trained in the magical arts, but has little interest or talent for magic (with most of his memories gone, it also affects his abilities). Most of his abilities are internally focussed on his unnatural speed and combat abilities. His sword, Feuer, acts a focus for these abilities making him a formidable opponent.

Tempest only carry's one weapon, a 16th century German long sword called Feuer, enchanted and given to him by his grandfather. The sword has several remarkable ability's including the ability to appear in its masters hand at will from any location, as well its apparently unbreakable and never dulls, there may in fact be more as yet undiscovered attributes.

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