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there was thread like this when l.a by night first started but i think it got lost in the great purge. :? anyway, robin and i got to talking about what we had on our desktops last night and i thought i'd start it again... heh...

post up a screen capture of what's your desktop. for the uninitiated, here's how.
1) minimise all windows
2) hit the button on your keyboard that says {print screen}
3) open up an imaging software, e.g photoshop or paint
4) paste the screen capture there, either by going to edit and paste or by typing {ctrl}{v}
5) try to shrink the image (don't think paint lets you do this. anyone with any other suggestions?)
6) save the file (as a jpg or a gif if possible) and upload.

your desktop

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my desktop... hehehe... wolverine! hugh jackman! baby! lemme at him! :wink:

robin's desktop. no surprise there. :roll: hehehe...

your desktop

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I don't remember where I found this image but it amused me (and still amuses me) and has been on my desktop for at least 6 months.

My Mac plays a loop of images of Sarah Brightman becasue I set it up and have never gotten around to changing it.
here is one of the images...

your desktop

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I've been flipping between two images at the moment. Both are bits of Space Art. The first is by Eaton, titled Pillars of Heaven. The second, by a guy named Bergeron, is titled Triton. Both can be found at space.com.

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