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I'm not sure where precisely to link this from but I thought as this was kind of the 'stuff I was inspired to create' section I would use it. In my usual, 'must advertise self as much as possible' attitude, I thought that I would link two pictured I did recentlyish. Both are of Manthy, which is the only real relevance they have to LABN. Please take a look. adn leave comments at the bottom (PLEASE!?!?!)
http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/h/a/hannah666/manthysmile.jpg.html - This is a pencil sketch.
http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/h/a/hannah666/secrecy_power_and_passion.jpg.html - a computer edited pic of Manthy and Mikhail.


urm... not ezzacly writing...

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I thought the picture of Manthy and Mikhail was very good! Very gothic and slightly sad - I loved the way you did her hair and the cape - especially since I am absolutely crap at using computer draw programs (I have JASAC and I hardly use it apart from photo editing for which I could have kept my crappy Adobe softwear which was free!) I'm more of a pencil and paper gal so I was really impressed by your obvious talent!

urm... not ezzacly writing...

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thank you. Trust me on how long it took to learn how to use paint shop pro to that level. Very long. but thank youa ll the same. *bows* *head gets too big* There went my ego.

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