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christmas is tomorrow

I'm not going anywhere
I'm staying here all alone

I just finished work today
I have to go back to work on sunday

I have not nor will I reicive or give any gifts
I will not spend the time with family.

I have a flu
I have a baterial infection in the back of my throat
I have come down with a stomach virus giving me diarreha and vomiting
The docter said I should be over these aflictions in a few weeks.

I lost my wallet yesterday
the bank wont be open for 3 days
I have no money nor can I withdraw any from an atm

I cannot drive without getting a fine for not carring a licence
my mother has to work during christmas

I have little if any fuel in my car
I had a flat tyre this morning

my washing needs doing
I have no money to use the laundramat

it's been a 45 degree day
my flat has no airconditioning

the power went out last night
all the times on my clocks are wrong

I am not aloud to drink beer as my throat is enflamed
it hurt heaps when I tried

the tablets the docter gave me arnt working

I think my computer has a virus
it keeps crashing

the picture tube in my tv is on it's way out and hurts the eyes to watch

my flat is as messy as a rubish dump

I just found overnight rental videos that were s'posed to go back a week ago

I have no food in the flat aside from weetbix, frankrurts and milk

Life sucks and so does christmas!

Have a great christams, have a cold one for me! :wink:

Greg's christmas greeting

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