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I've decided to write a story one of you guys said it might help so I'm gonna try it'll be real ruff and I have no plans so I'm just gonna type you may get annoyed because I don't use much punctuation but screw you I'm gonna start now

My trip to lala land

lala land is a place of dreams where elves and flying whales live I don't live there but one day I decided *maybe it will be fun* so I packed my bag and started walking
little did I know lala land was a long way away

I walked for 2 days and saw3 nothing, mainly because I had my eyes closed, but I saw nothing all the same

I walked into a wall and fell over I hurt my bum cause I landed hard

so after laying there for a while wondering what I had walked into I decided *maybe it would be a good idea to open my eyes* so I did

I looked around I was in my living room and for the last 2 days had been wlking around in circles

I decided that walking probably wasnt the best way to get to lala land so I decided to take a plane

once I had searched around and found a plane small enough to fit in my backpack and take with me I left the house this time running because if walking wasnt the best way to get to lala land then surely running was

anyway I ran and I ran and I ran

and in no time I was there! well acytualy I wasn't really there I had just run across the road to the park but I was puffed out and couldn't be stuffed running anymore

I sat down and searched in my backpack for something to eat I couldn't fing anything because I had pulled everything out to fit my toy plane in

I was really hungry and I searched every where in the park for food but I couldn't find anything eccept a half eaten donut so I ate that

I lay down and drifted to the land of sleep which was pretty amazing really because I'm like 80 kg and the wind wasnt really strong that day

so anyway there I was in the land of sleep when I saw a man named Stalker he walked up to me and said "hello"

and I said "hey what the hell are you doing here arn't you sposed to be in L.A in a story I'm writing"

and he said "yeah but I got bored because you arn't doing didly sqwat with my character and the story is moving forward without me"

I said "how interesting" stood up and walked away

Stalker said "hey! where the hell are you going we were halfway through a conversation here"

But I ignored him because this is my story and I don't want to go down that path

anyway I was walking around the land of sleep and was amazed to see a turkey, don't ask me why because I havn't decided yet

I kept walking until I got to a dock

there was a man there selling tickets

I walked up to him and asked "what are you selling tickets for?"

he responded "so I can make some money and send my child to college"

I said "how noble of you"

and I kept walking down the dock until I got to another man selling tickets I asked
"what are the tickets for?"

he responded " the tickets are for passage on that boat there to lala land"

I was quite excited I asked "how much do they cost?"

he rsponded "1 plane"

I was happy *I knew that plane would get me to lala land*

I handed him the plane from my backpack and boarded the boat

once I had finished boarding the boat and was sure it wouldn't sink I hopped in it

it wasn't a big boat or a midlesized boat but a little baby boat

anyway I left in the boat for lala land

after I left three bears walked up to the dock the little baby bear started crying "someone has stolen my boat"

but that had nothing to do with me as I was on my way in a babysized boat to lala land...

...To Be Continued...

ok I'm getting bored now and rather hungry so I'm gonna post this and come back to it later

Re: My trip to lala land

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Stalker wrote:
I'm just gonna type you may get annoyed because I don't use much punctuation but screw you I'm gonna start now

Punctuation is a crime against creativity. That very same punctuation is a service to a finished game board post. But this isn't a game board post. so tooo hell wit da rulez. Dont think sit at your

puter and

JUST right.

and so I find a quest...

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ok I'm back after a quick intermission

...now back to the enthrawling tale of my trip to lala land...

There I was in the midle of the ocean when I realised that I did not know the way to lala land so I looked around sure enough there was a road sign

it said...


The place to read directions....0 km anywhere
Lala Land straight up...........2 km up
Under water world..............10 km down
Emerald city...................14 km east
The land of sleep..............20 km west
The realm of the bunyup........16 km north
The Dictatorship of Siclidonia..20 km south

The Land of repetative squares 10 km north
..........................then 10 km east
..........................then 10 km south
..........................then 10 km west
.there will be a sign follow it's directions to The Land of repetative squares

ps. there is a shop behind this sign that sells hot air ballons for the cost of 1 dictators hair piece 1 dung beetle 1 bunyup and 10 fishfingers
the shop also sells compassess for 1 backpack

pps. if you have an anurism it is probably your best bet to see a elf docter in lala land they can help but be quick cause anurisms can kill you at any time

I was releved to have found out where I was
*how to get to lala land?* was the next obvious question
the answer go straight up
after half an hour of madly flapping my arms I decided *maybe I cant fly there on my own*
*but on the sign it said the shop sells hot air ballons for 1 dictators hair piece 1 dung beetle 1 bunyup and 10 fishfingers but I have none of those things*

then something went click in my head and I recived a terrible pain
*it was an anurism now it was definate I had to get to lala land and quick*

then something went click again and I readied myself for the on coming of pain but it was only a thought coming into my brain
*to get to lala land I would need a dictators wig maybe I can get that at The Dictatorship of Siclidonia*
*can probably get a bunyup in the land of the bunyup*
*and fish fingers would come from fish and there would probably be fish at under water world*
*the only thing I couldn't figure out was how to get a dung beatle but I was sure that I would find that out somewhere along the way*

I decided to start my quest in Siclidonia but for that I would need to know what direction was south so I went and traded my backpack in for a compass at the shop behind the sign

I grabbed my oar and started paddling south

...And so began my quest...
stay tuned for the next installment of My trip to lala land... no actually stay tuned for the next installment of...
My Quest for Lala Land

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