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I rambled on about this in the FAQ once, and, since, I've been following my own advice. This is one of those personal preference thingies, but I think that others will benefit if they aren't already doing it.

When you read the story, do it without the full screen. Click the RESTORE button at the top right-hand corner of the screen, then size your window to tall and thin. I widen it just as far as it takes to make the bottom scroll bar go away.

I find reading other people's posts SO MUCH more enjoyable when they're book-sized. All those long, singe-line paragraphs tighten up nicely. It makes the pages longer, but I believe your overall reading experience will be improved. So much so that I have felt the need to repeat the subject.

Okay, shutting up now.

How to Read LABN

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What makes you think people have their window's maximised anyway? Personally I'm always doing one and a hundred things at the same time as looking through LABN - such as talking to you peeps in MSN, listening to music on REAL PLAYER or writing a post in WORD - Hell I don't have time to devote my screen to just ONE window!

Are you crazy! :D Rhetorical question there...

How to Read LABN

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Well, to be honest, when I'm reading a post in LABN I'm usually doing it in the 'edit' window - reading and tidying as I go. So it's already much smaller than the full screen.

But when I'm just reading off the board, I do tend to have my browser maximised. Doesn't really bother me. Following your advice I tried it with a resize, and that was ok too. Didn't make much difference to me one way or another.

It was worth checking out, though. Some people may find that it improves the reading experience for them immensely. :)

How to Read LABN

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Again, I realize this is just a ramble. I don't want to control your LABN experience. I just thought, if someone hasn't tried it already, it might make the reading experience easier. When it comes to the the old-heads on the board, I have no doubt you are set in the ways that work best for. But John, for instance, is still fairly new. He might give it a try and say, "Wow. It's easier on the eyes. That thought didn't occur to me this early in the game." That's all. Just sharing ideas as the come to me.

How to Read LABN

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Actually I did something similar to the print editions of LABN {insert shameless plug here} when I split it into columns. But I did that more for the printed pages as I did for readability.

I don't seem to have a problem one way or the other. However, another thing that can work is setting your screen font size a lot larger...
on your menus Click View->Text Size->Largest

And remember to set it back when you are done. But it makes LABN quite readable without changing the window size. (if you are like me and have limited screen real estate at home)

How to Read LABN

Soulless Zombie's picture

Great idea. I didn't even think about changing the font size.

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