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Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Tarix Conny's picture

ok, my second solution is that sometimes we may have an idea, and a really good one, but then we run out of ideas and don't know where to go from there.

So is this post all the people with that problem can post their items here and ask people to continue their story (kinda like the story lines games only on a little serious basis).

Hope you like my ideas :D

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Soulless Zombie's picture

I'm not sure I understand. And if I do understand what you're proposing--that we post our stories and let other people write them chain story-style--I don't think I like it. But, hell, new ideas are always scary. I'll have to see it done first before I give it a thumbs down. Surprise me.

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Tarix Conny's picture

That's exactly what i am proprosing. It could be fun. I mean, for example, you have a great story with a great beginning and then nothing. You don't know how to continue it or end it. Two heads (or more) are better then one. So other people can help you with continuing that story.

An example is my "Katazeen" book. Its a sci-fi book i have been working on and it started about a whole year ago. Right now its on chapter 4. I have no clue where to take it from there. (BTW katazeen its just its temporary name before i can fininsh it and really name it.)

Something like that. Hey, it's just this idea i came with with to fight the writers block while i was day dreaming through my business class...

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Soulless Zombie's picture

Well, let's see it in action, Saadia. I’m still skeptical, the more I think about it.

I feel another rant coming on. Please feel free to stop reading. I won't be offended if you ignore my pontification. I'm not necessarily saying anything that you should agree with. Only in my mental world am I king of the land.

'Kay. Here goes...


Chain stories are fun, but personally, I don't want to subject my stuff to the whim of others. Others don't know what I'm doing. I do.

And that's a big thing when it comes to breaking your so-called Writer's Block. If you've got a plan, you won’t get lost all that often. (Sometimes you will, but not irrevocably.) So, if I may propose the opposite of what you're saying as an alternate method:

Write a story for your character and stick with it. Don’t rely on the other players or their characters to tell this story. Isolate yourself.

I can already hear the groaning.

“But this is a game. We need one another.”

Well, yes, we do. Don’t worry. We’ll still be here. I’m here. Hi.

“But I’ve already got Writer’s Block. How can I sit down and write a story for my character?”

Easy. Sit down and write a story for your character.

Pick a conflict. It doesn’t have to be big. I can be big, but it can also be a small adventure. Envision several posts that you will need to write in order to complete it. For instance, Victor was being chased by Xavier. That lead to great personal conflicts, such as Victor leaving Tash and having to change his face (wow!); and, by matter of course, it lead Sorrow to a very interesting conflict of honor: Do I side with Victor or my order? Xavier and his brother set up traps in Victor’s apartment. Xavier left a surprise for Victor in Tempest’s apartment. Tash and Victor went through the info on Xavier. Xavier magically tagged Victor at Bultmann Towers. All because of one demon hunter -vs- demon conflict. How many posts are we up to? I lost count.

“But writing out a plotline will only inhibit my creativity,” you say.

Hogwash. I’ll tell you what inhibits your creativity. Sitting down at a blank computer screen without a plan. Your fingers are trembling upon the keyboard, but them keys, they’s not a-typin’.

Pick a conflict, sit down alone, and write what you plan to have happen to your character from beginning to end. Or, hell, why not start at the end and work your way to the beginning? Don’t worry about how it looks. Think your way through it. Talk to yourself.

4 Climax. Chinaka and Parasol have it out in a big battle with pipe wrenches! (Yeah, that’s a good ending.) Parasol wins. Chinaka runs away (leading into another story?)

2. Why are they fighting? Because Parasol killed the man they both loved. What’s that all about? Uh…how about: Parasol found out her fella was trying to kill Chinaka. He wanted to marry Parasol and sacrifice Chinaka to his demon lord. Of course, now Parasol must protect her loved one from her lover. And Chinaka don’t buy it, because, yes, Parasol is just jealous. The guy really loves Chinaka, of course!

1. How did Parasol find out her man is a cultist? Maybe she was visiting him at his place of work and saw him worshiping a big poop demon a’ la Dogma. I don’t know, the guy’s a plumber. Yeah, that’s it; he’s a plumber. That’s how they got a hold of those pipe wrenches for the final battle. And it gives us the message that love is a big pile of s**t.

0 Opening. How did they meet this guy? Parasol saw him in a plumbers’s convention (snicker) and was going to suck his blood. But he was just too damn good lookin’. Chinaka fell for him at the same time.

-1 History. A tension has been building between Parasol and Chinaka for a long time. They are competitive.

It’s a start. You can work with it. Conflict: Love Triangle. Or shall we say "Cat Fight"? :lol:

“So I’m supposed to write stories without the other characters? This is a roleplaying game, not a fiction workshop.”

Right-o. Keep your story loose. Allow your character to GO AFTER WHAT SHE WANTS while still leaving room for side-trips. Perhaps your character's story will meld with the lives of others. In fact, I just dare you to try and avoid it. Doubtlessly, those other characters will give you new ideas. They might even get involved in your story.

What if you end up collaborating with another player, one day, and her PC happens to fit your plot? Could you, in the above example, replace Chinaka with Tarrix? Who says all PC's must get along? Now you’ve involved someone else in your madness. You’ve killed two Writer’s Blocks with one stone. Now that's showbiz!

Not that I believe in Writer’s Blocks, mind you.

"But, but, but--"

There's just no pleasing you, is there? So you don't want to follow the plot you've written? Fine. Don't. But notice that you have a safety net to fall into when you need to write a post.

It’s so much nicer when you approach Microsoft Word thinking, “I can’t wait to write the scene where Parasol discovers her boyfriend is raising a poop demon,” than thinking, “________.” The overall point here is, whether or not you follow your plot, you will benefit by having an ending planned.

This idea of treating your character with the randomness of a chain story is sketchy. It is good-intentioned, but in my mind, you may as well hand over your character to be played as an NPC.

No. No, I take it back. I was wrong. Go ahead, let someone else finish your storyline. I insist. Because once you resign your tale to the mind of someone else--someone who is going to put words in YOUR character's mouth--you're bound to go, "Nuh-uh. No way. Gimme that character back!" Only then will you know what you really want.

No more block.

Damn. After all that, I gotta say: Good idea, Saadia. You've humbled me. :)

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Parasol's picture

At last!! I have an idea!! The muse read my other post.

Thanks, Professor Siddy.

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

MrDave's picture

Olsy I am at the si school of "I am drunk let the chips fall where they may"school.

Sid (jeffery) is absolutelyt right (AND DONT THINK i AM TYPING THIS ONE LABOIOUS LETTER AT A TIME). i LOVE the fact tht Sid is cead on in thining tht feeeling snf emotion AT THE TIMR OF DELVERY (caps delberate) are importante, The essence of roleplaying id emotion. Sorrym, but there is no other way to express it. I have had to expend an extraodinary effort to convey this concwpt. Mostly ecause I am drunk...but also necause I am so certain of the impoortnve of this ideal. We are heore. No more no lesss. Flawed, maybe, but we are progressivluy wokinv towars perfecionn.
Love tyuuou all all David

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Tarix Conny's picture

:lol: hee hee hee. God, Sid, i haven't laughed so hard in my life. :lol: Thanks for the laugh, i needed something to distract me from study.....

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

MrDave's picture

Oh I am so embarrassed. :oops:

Writers block solution 2: Story continuing.

Mantheana's picture

^^^ and that, children, is what we call 'Drunk-Out-of-Your-Head.' Thankyou Dave, for sharing that with us. I feel somewhat enlightened. Or possibly endarkened. It's so hard to tell these days.

- Sid, I don't think I know anyone quite so strange as you.


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