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I just read the Victor and Tash scene where they are, thankfully for all you new viewers, reconstructing the Sam / Hesch / Kimmie / After Dark / Bunny story. I read this smiling, showing my teeth. Of course, yes, it was because I was getting lots of much-needed attention. But it was more than that. Did anyone else get the impression you were reading an episode of Leave it to Beaver?

Tash: Ward. Ward, wake up.

Victor: Whuh? What is it, dear?

Tash: It's the Beaver. I'm terribly worried about him.

Victor: Why, June! Whatever for?

Tash: It's just that I've been seeing bite marks on his neck. And then you tell me about After Dark and vampires that you've known since the gold rush, and about unlucky bunnies and Denny's, and--oh, Ward!-- now I just don't know what to think.

Victor: Now, June. The Beaver is a big boy. He's got a stake.

Tash: And I'm not sure I trust that Thumper of his. Or that Eddie Hascal that gave it to him.

Victor: The cab driver? Yes, now that you mention it, that Hascal is a rascal.

[laugh track]

[Victor smiles and pats Tash's head.]

Victor: Tell you what. I'll go down to the school tomorrow and look into it.

Tash: Oh, Ward. Would you?

Victor: Sure.

Tash: Ward?

Victor: Yes, June.

Tash: Do you think Wally and Beav are okay all alone down the hall in 211?

Victor: You mean sleeping together in the same apartment? Why sure.

Tash: How can you be sure?

Victor: I just am. You don't live as long as I have without knowing a few things for sure.

Tash: So you don't think Wally will take Beaver vampire hunting?

Victor: Well, if Wally does, at least we know they'll have a damn good time.

Tash: Ward!

[laugh track]

Victor: Heh heh. I'm only playing, dear. Will it make you feel better if I ask Wally to go hunting alone?

Tash: It would.

Victor: Are you sure now? Because I'd hate for Beaver to think we're meddling parents.

Tash: Ward Cleaver. You're teasing me.

Victor: I know, dear. I know. Let's have sex.

Tash: Now you're talkin', Mr. Horny Man.

[Ward looks shocked. Then he realizes that, as a demon, he DOES have horns. A group laugh ensues.]




On the subject of bunnies:

I've pretty much had Sam's life sketched out since the beginning. Some of you might have noticed that I introduced this Chosen One bunny a long time ago. I have uses for it.

HOWEVER. I've tried to keep Sam's story flexible. If one of you has something burning inside, something that involves this bunny, let me know. Either we can work together, or I'll let you have the Chosen One entirely. But do let me know, because it will affect what I'm writing.

Writers' Commentary

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OH, and I was going to mention that Galen scaling the tree and singing to Kate was cute. Real cute. I don't hand out Siddies, but I can still comment!

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