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Okay, I went to find the Bronze because I was bored and wanted to go see my friends there...anyway it wasn't there! :cry: The official site has moved and there is no Bornze on the new site. Do any of you guys know where it's gone or if it'll be coming back?

The Bronze?

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http://www.bronzebeta.com/ is probably the best place to go (alot of the cast and crew members of BtVS have posted there)
it's the place everyone went the first time the old bronze went up the shithouse (BtVS went from wb to upn) anyway a community was established and it's been running since

The Bronze?

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I finally went to check out the old Bronze site, I have no idea why or when it closed down but it did. But anyway, I don't think it is such a great loss. I really used to enjoy The Bronze when I first found it, it was such a great community and a lot of good Buffy debates went on there. But the last few months saw it take a real nose dive - this wasn't helped by the constant spamming and lack of regulation.

I remember everytime I logged on the board had probably jumped 20+ pages just with spam - most of it pretty offensive and also derogatory. And there was also alot of Buffy Hate going on there, all this 'Spike is Gay' 'Dawn should Die' baloney like that - plus a whole lot of other stuff which was very offensive and i won't repeat because it annoys me that people can be so childish and small that they do anything just to try and hurt or wind up other people. In the end of days it became a regular hangout/haven for perverts, loonatics, and serial spammers not much fun.

So, that's it. The Bronze (Buffyupn.com) is gone, and personally I'm not that sorry to see it go. There are much better Buffy chat/forum sites out there. I personally like the one hosted on the BBC. It has much better regulation and will ban spammers and hate mailers from the forums, it also has separate discussion boards for terrestrial tv in the UK and SKY so no spoilers get leaked to those who don't want them...

Check it out - www.bbc.co.uk/cult/buffy/

The Bronze?

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I have to say, I was visiting The Bronze fairly regularly there for a while... until Nick turned up one day promoting LABN. Since then whenever I was online I was on LABN and didn't have time for other chat rooms. 8O

So I never noticed its degradation and demise - thankfully. Sorry to hear it's gone, but if it was that bad I think it obviously had outlived its day.

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