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Name: Tarix Conny.

Previous Name: Tyrux.

Real Name: Jasmine Honey.

Real Name: Unknown.

Race: Demon

Gender: Female.

Date of Birth: unknown

Group Affiliation: Order of Valor

Position: Under the Patronage of Thule.


Tarix Conny's picture

She has long blond hair and blue eyes and is of normal height. She is a half-demon of a long ago forgotten race of the Koolang demons. A race even she is not sure of until she discovers who she is. She is somewhat shy but at times can have major mood swings.

Tarix Conny is played by Melissa Joan Hart

Her race:

Koolangs: A race of demons that have been known to be extinct for centuries. The cause of their extinction was because of their foe, the Macaber demons. The Macaber demons had an enmity with the Koolangs and they lived only to kill them and to then enjoy the kill and to keep killing until the world is ridded of every last of the Koolangs.

The Koolangs themselves are human looking. They have no differentiating features from a human being except that they possess certain powers. The Koolangs were very specialized when it comes to the possession of powers. No one Koolang demon has ever had more then one power. Overall there have been five powers that the whole race may possess and none of them have more then one of those powers.

Overall the species was a very intelligent and peaceful race. The cause of their enmity with the Macaber demons is unknown. Some sources even state that there may still be some Koolang demons that have not been killed by the Macaber, but even if they live, they are still hunted.


Tyrux on 1996, in New York city, lying besides a can of garbage. How she got there she does not know. She had suffered several bruises as if someone had hit her. But she had no recollection or memory of who she is. She found herself with nothing in her pockets (maybe a wallet) that she could identify herself with. All she found was a small metallic disc with inscription on it in a different language.

Feeling dizzy she got up and left the alley she had been lying in. She went to the nearest hospital she could find. For the hospital records she had to give a name. The only name that came to her mind was Tyrux Inc, a name of a company on a trash bin she found herself lying next to.

Two years later she had named herself Tyrux. She worked in a small fast food restaurant and lived in a small apartment in down town New York.

Later on she started discovering powers that belonged to her. Telekinesis and the power to sometimes read minds on reflex.

Panicked, she left her job and New York and went to LA to find out about herself. *Why LA?* She would sometimes think to herself, but she didn’t know. It was as if a feeling in the pit of her stomach told her to go there. Reaching there, she decided to make a fresh start and changed her name to Tarix Conny.

Current Story

Tarix Conny's picture

Sometime after she had moved to L.A., she had met a man, of about middle age named Thule. Thule told Tarix that he knew about her and he would help her if she decides to join the Order of Valor. Tarix thought it over and agreed. She has yet to discover about herself and this mysterious man who claims to know her.

Right now her story has progressed quite a lot. SHe has find out more about her past, that her parents were killed, that she has a sister, and salso that it is highly likely that she killed their parents. And having a sister who can morph and is after your blood is never a safest thing.

The good news is that she herself now knows how to morph and can control her power of telekinethisis. She is getting traind in her defence tactics, and starting to recall her old training slightly. Thule is training her at the moment.

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Nothing except a disc. This is an Ancient disc of Koolong. A race ademons that has been forgotten. This disc may hold power for Tarix, only once she gets to know about herself....


Telekinesses, the power to lift objects with mind only.

Telepathic; ability to read mind, but currently only on reflex.

And the ability to morph, also quite recently discovered.

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