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I love to get letters like this in my email....

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Thankfully, I missed the all the sturm und drang I understand occurred
regarding LABN, so I have nothing to compare what the site is now to what it
was before the creative differences caused members to leave. This, I think,
is a good thing.

I, and everyone I tell about the site, have been from my first investigation
of LABN, impressed by the calibre of writing, the complication of the
plotline and the imagination of characters. Since joining, I have been able
to let my fantasy flag fly freely and have discovered talents in myself that
I never would have considered showing.

You, no we, have an imaginitive and fun site that has brought together a
community of people from all over the world dedicated to creating something
wonderful. Our shameless pride in our work and that of our colleagues is
rare in any social circle, much less one that contains those of different
backgrounds, ages, beliefs and time zones. I am proud to be part of it.

Those who left because of creative differences most certainly have the right
to follow their heart. After a brief investigation, though, I am glad that I
found this site instead of theirs.

OK. Enough gushing. Good show, Dave et al.


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