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At the risk of stepping on Heather's toes, I've decided to (hopefully) helpout and try to keep the Season Five timeline until Heather's had a chance to catch up with the Midseason events.

Timeline – Season Five

31-July-07 - Tuesday
{p01#002} In a secret Russian laboratory, Dr Jillian Lennon monitors Kate as she undergoes a series of tests at the hands of The Ministry of Magic. (11:44pm – Siberia, Russia)

01-Aug-07 - Wednesday
{p01#006} {Part One} Over the course of 24-hours, Kate is kept unconscious and her vital signs are closely monitored as she is given several different drugs. (24 Hours - Siberia, Russia)

02-Aug-07 - Thursday
{p01#006} {Part Two} Kate awakens from her drugged stupor to find herself immobilised, she is attended to by Dr Lennon and Dr Dubrovskiy who administers a further dose of the virulent drug Serum EX-32. (3:12am – Siberia, Russia)
{p03#035} A remorseful Jillian sits by Kate’s bedside and when she finally wakes, Elliot Zimmerman arrives to answer some of Kate’s questions. (10:14am – Siberia, Russia)

05-Aug-07 - Sunday
{p03#042} Kate’s powers fluctuate wildly sending her into a state of near madness, and a new doctor, Alexander Baxter arrives to take over her treatment. (10:22am – Siberia, Russia)

14-Aug-07 - Tuesday
{p04#045} Kate and Elliot talk further about the Ministry’s operation and their plans for her. (8:12am – Siberia, Russia)

20-Aug-07 - Monday
{p01#004} {Part One} Benji and Julia talk about their meeting with The Host but run into a Majestic 12 envoy and are forced to seek cover in the sewers. (5:35am – Roswell, New Mexico)
{p04#046} Kate undergoes electro-shock treatment after making a second attempt to escape, but there are complications and later it is determined that she has amnesia. (10:30pm – Siberia, Russia)

21-Aug-07 - Tuesday
{p04#047} Elliot and Dr Baxter discuss the situation regarding the extent of Kate’s amnesia and make plans for how to turn current events to their advantage. (6:09am – Siberia, Russia)

23-Aug-07 - Thursday
{p01#004} {Part Two} Benji and Julia stop to pick up a snack and later decide to go visit San Francisco and Sunnydale. (7:50-9:50pm Mexico Border)

24-Aug-07 - Friday
{p04#048} Kate’s meets Elliot for the ‘first’ time and they discuss her lack of memory. (11:32am – Siberia, Russia)

23-Sept-07 - Saturday
{p01#004} {Part Three} Benji meets back up with Julia, but both are soon attacked by the Agency. (11:00pm – San Francisco)

01-Oct-07 - Monday
{p01#009} Dr Bloodmoney arrives in Los Angeles with a bus load of his zombie creations, intent on finding Adam Young (3:00am)
{p01#007} The Board of Executives at Wolfram and Hart assemble to discuss their latest acquisition – the Hellmouth of Los Angeles. (8:25am)
{p01#008} After becoming aware of a security breach within Wolfram and Hart, Colin Dawson takes it upon himself to eliminate the prime suspect. Afterwards he orders a brain drain of the victim, to check for any other spies from The Order of Valor and The Ministry. (9:40am)
{p01#000} Galen returns home to Los Angeles a broken man, after failing to find Kate. (10:21am)
{p01#002} Back home, Galen tries to persuade Jack that, despite lack of any evidence, Kate is still alive. (12:09pm)
{p01#001} A lone stranger frees Orus the Fallen from his icy prison, enlisting him in their cause. (5:23pm - Antarctica)
{p02#016} Adam awakes and starts opening up his club Profirio Diaz. (6:00pm)
{p01#003} Inés and James enjoy an impromptu dance in Central Park. (8:30pm – New York)
{p02#015} Nikolai fights a couple of demons outside Club Asylum, but unknown to him he is being watched. (11:21pm)

02-Oct-07 - Tuesday
{p01#010} Alice recalls an incident in 1931 New York when a representative from Wolfram and Hart brought her back from the dead. Returning to Poplar Avenue, Alice finds a letter from Nikolai about the death of Tash. (12:35am)
{p01#005} Benji and Julia arrive in Sunnydale where they first set eyes on the mysterious Vespajan. (1:00am - Sunnydale)
{p01#014} Benji and Julia discover that Vespajan is a member of The Order of Valor, hiding out from Wolfram and Hart’s assassins. (1:10am - Sunnydale)
{p02#017} Vespajan is visited by a mysterious stranger and recruited to their cause. Meanwhile, Benji and Julia head back to Los Angeles, and Julia is tormented by the ghost of Walter. (1:40am, 5:05am – Sunnydale, en route to Los Angeles)
{p02#021} Benji and Julia arrive in LA just before sunrise, back at the Youth Hostile they discover that Benji’s note has been removed from the door. (5:45am)
{p02#029} Galen drowns his sorrows over Kate until Nikolai shows up and tries to counsel him on the matter. Later, Nikolai convinces Galen to seek help in finding Kate from Vard. (8:45pm)
{p03#030} Nikolai takes Galen to see Vard. While there Galen recounts events from 08-Sep-07 – Saturday when he consulted an aborigine Shaman in an attempt to locate Kate via the astral plane. And Vard offers to create a device to record whether Kate is still visiting Galen astrally. (10:14pm)
{p03#031} Vincent arrives in LA and immediately runs into Kyle in the middle of fighting a pack of demon harbingers. Afterwards, Vincent reveals who he is and that he’s looking for Cole. (11:13pm)

03-Oct-07 - Wednesday
{p01#012} Darian returns home after a night fighting vampires and is unnerved when his evil fae side appears to talk to him. (2:30am)
{p01#013} In his apartment at Longwood Estates, Oz comes face to face with a charcoal effigy of his former self. (2:30am)
{p01#011} Hazel, a young street urchin, is visited by her dead brother’s ghost and is warned about Bloody Mary. (2:41am)
{p02#018} Alessa fails to get in contact with Daye, and worries about the future of the White Hats now that so many of the group are dead. (5:35pm)

04-Oct-07 - Thursday
{p03#032} Vincent enters a church looking for answers, only to find them in himself. (2:18am)
{p02#027} Alessa bumps into Alice outside Poplar Avenue and tries to get her to come to the next White Hat meeting but her offer is met with hostility from Alice.
{p03#034} Alessa calls on Darian in an attempt to reform the White Hats. (4:05pm)
{p03#033} Ellis investigates the murder of a demoness dancer at a local strip club. (8:45pm)
{p02#019} Two of Vincent’s fellow reapers - Bez’Ara’kuz and Zahyzhak try to convince him that their deeds are worthy before sending him forth to Los Angeles at the behest of a mysterious stranger. And Raz’avil is sent after James to release his evil side. (Night – New York)
{p02#020} James is attacked and Ripper is released, much to the horror of Inés and Darlome who barely escape with their lives. Later, Ripper is offered a deal by Raz’avil. (Night – New York)

06-Oct-07 - Saturday
{p03#036} Galen is reminiscing about Kate when Alessa arrives and talks to him about his behaviour and also the situation with the White Hats. (2:49pm)
{p03#038} Alessa, in the guise of a man, and Galen check out local demonic strip club – The Fish Tank. While there the place is attacked by an invisible assailant and several of the dancers are killed. (6:11pm)
{p03#044} Zayn rescues a waitress from a vampire, only to later steal from her. (Evening)
{p03#039} Alessa and Galen question the other witnesses and discuss possible theories while waiting for Ellis to arrive. (7:22pm)
{p02#022} Darian goes to Bob’s Bar after a fight with Liala and a night fighting demons (with the help of Evexus Drett). (11:58pm)
{p03#040} Reah wakes briefly, babbling incoherently before dreaming of the events of 25-July-07 – Wednesday. (Time and Place Unknown)
{p03#041} Quin also remembers the night of 25-July-07 – Wednesday when Balthas told her of his interest in Reah and reminded her of the debt her family owes him. (Sunset – Location Unknown)

07-Oct-07 - Sunday
{p02#023} Benji and Julia go to Bob’s Bar and meet Darian. Despite their differences, they come to an agreement regarding Tash. (1:00am)
{p02#025} Benji and Julia return to Youth Hostile where Benji confesses that he killed Rose Bellwether. (2:15am)
{p02#026} Benji recalls the night of 25-July-07 - Wednesday when he killed Rose after hearing how she manipulated the Black Veins and created her own army of über vampires. After hearing his story, Julia steals his van and runs away. (2:50am)
{p05#064} {Part Two} Julia plots revenge on Benji until a more powerful Vespajan appears, making her crash her van before kidnapping her. (3:11am)
{p03#043} Alessa learns more about Ellis’ past including that his former lover was a Rinna demon who was murdered by a demon hunter. (9:35am)

08-Oct-07 - Monday
{p06#080} {Part One} Julia awakens to find herself being held captive by Vespajan (9:52am)
{p06#080} {Part Two} Vespajan presents Julia with a gift – a magic imbued ring with which to enact her revenge upon Benji. (12:05pm)
{p02#024} Daye contemplates her behaviour over the last couple of months and her deliberate attempts to alienate herself from her friends. (7:00pm)

09-Oct-07 - Tuesday
{p02#028} Benji goes to Bob’s Bar looking for Julia and is pointed in the direction of another bar, Porfirio Diaz. (12:00am)

10-Oct-07 - Wednesday
{p05#064} {Part One} Benji goes to Porfirio Diaz looking for Julia. Upon leaving he is followed by a dark figure. (11:45am)
{p06#081} Julia and Vespajan follow Benji from Porfirio Diaz, and after hearing him rebuke her, Julia determines to take her revenge on Benji. (11:45am)
{p04#049} Kate is joined by two other witches Zola and Su Ling at the Ministry of Magic’s HQ in LA where they learn of a child-murdering demon. (5:46pm)

11-Oct-07 - Thursday
{p04#051} Kate , Zola and Su Ling find the body of a dead child on the beach at Santa Monica and raise her spirit to find out who her killer was – confirming their suspicions about an ancient vampiress Elizabeth Bàthory. (4:21am)
{p04#050} Alessa and Galen are patrolling not far from Bob’s Bar when they run into Zayn and help her fight a couple of sewageraptors before making their escape. (7:22pm)
{p04#054} Zayn tells Alessa and Galen a lie about why she was unable to help the White Hats during the Cloch Cosan incident while recalling the true events that night of 19-Feb-05 - Saturday where she was confronted by Mr Cups and Mr Swords of Wolfram and Hart. And Galen extends an invitation to Zayn to contact the White Hats. (8:15pm)
{p05#060} Nikolai saves Alaia Nahia from a group of vampires and unwittingly falls into her trap. (8:17pm)
{p04#055} Galen is confronted by Bob who, in an attempt to aid his hunt for Kate, tells him about some news he heard last year regarding The Ministry of Magic’s arrival in Los Angeles and Jack’s prior association with them. (9:23pm)
{p04#056} Adam gets info from Bob about three dead bodies found in a dumpster and the arrival of a freighter last week. (9:35pm)
{p05#061} Nikolai drives Alaia home after her ordeal. On the way they talk about vampires and Alaia asks to see Nikolai again. (10:15pm)
{p04#058} Galen drives Alessa home who is still under the influence of the sewageraptors hallucinogenic saliva, and the two also discuss Bob’s mention of The Ministry of Magic in regards to Kate. (11:38pm)

12-Oct-07 - Friday
{p05#066} Alessa awakes on the morning of her birthday with an almighty hangover. (7:05am)
{p05#072} Alessa takes a bath and unknowingly begins to lapse into her primal form. After overcoming the initial shock, Ellis persuades Alessa to allow him to help celebrate her birthday. (11:45am)
{p05#074} Galen arrives on the scene of a homicide linked with Ellis’ company Longwood Inc. While investigating the scene he finds an object that appears to slow time. (7:30pm)
{p06#076} On the night of Alessa’s birthday, Ellis takes her dancing at the LA Opera House. (7:30pm)
{p05#062} Nikolai goes round to Alaia’s apartment for their date, and the two of them have sex before going out to dinner. (8:18pm)
{p06#075} A mysterious figure pays the Bloodmoney’s a visit, asking them to join his organisation in exchange for assistance in killing Adam. (9:00pm)

13-Oct-07 - Saturday
{p06#077} Galen breaks the news of Mr and Mrs Jordan’s death to Ellis and tells him of the time altering orb before taking him to see the demon hunter. (1:05am)
{p03#037} Darlome and Inés, having consulted a Grecian Witch, await the arrival of their boat that will take them to the island of the Fomorians. (Norway)
{p04#059} Inés and Darlome cross the magical barrier protecting the island of the Fomorians, also known as the Jotun. (Off the Coast of Norway)

14-Oct-07 - Sunday
{p04#052} Erzsébeth Bàthroy and Gideon Rook hideout from their pursuers, discussing the nature of Bàthroy’s power over Gideon while the vampiress feeds from a nest of rats. (3:11am)
{p05#065} Orus the Fallen and his mysterious companion track down and murder Gunn and Wesley Wyndham-Price in order to gain possession of an ancient scroll containing The Testament of Vasshan. (8:02pm – San Francisco)

15-Oct-07 - Monday
{p04#053} Kate awakes feeling aroused after a particularly erotic dream of the night of 12-Nov-06 - Sunday and, although unable to remember the details, decides that she has to find out about her past. (8:11am)
{p04#057} Darian intrudes on Kate, Zola and Su Ling as they set a trap for Bàthroy, and is mistaken for the vampire’s aide. When a fight ensues, Darian’s dark side is unleashed and before escaping he gains a glimpse of Kate through her glamour. (11:24pm)

16-Oct-07 - Tuesday
{p05#063} Darian returns home after his encounter with the witches and tries to convince himself that his recent changes are nothing to be worried about. (2:43am)
{p05#070} Kate meditates upon her encounter with Darian and begins to believe that Elliot is keeping something from her. (7:30am)
{p06#079} Ellis shares with Alessa the findings on the Sphere of Time and also his theories about the captive demon hunter. (1:30pm)
{p05#067} While imprisoned, Raúl fantasises about revenge until Orus appears, killing his captors and taking Raúl back with him to Los Angeles. (9:12pm - Iguazú Rainforest, Sudamerica)

18-Oct-07 - Thursday
{p05#068} Before setting out on a night of hunting, Darian argues with Liala about the change in his personality and his strange behaviour. (Night)
{p05#073} In an abandoned warehouse, Orus and his cloaked companion gather their latest recruits and go through the requirements of The Testament of Vasshan. (10:56pm)

19-Oct-07 - Friday
{p05#069} Darian returns home more like his old self and apologises to Liala before the two of them make love. (2:15am)
{p05#071} Darian continues to struggle against the influence of his inner dark fae. (9:23am)
{p06#078} Colin Dawson receives the psychiatric evaluation report of a young boy who killed his best friend at the behest of an unknown mysterious woman. Intrigued, Dawson initiates an investigation to uncover this new mystical presence in Los Angeles. (2:15pm)
{06#085} Kate, Su Ling and Zola finally vanquish Bàthroy but lose sight of her cohort. Later, Gideon Rook is recruited by Orus. (11:23pm)

20-Oct-07 - Saturday
{06#083} Alaia seduces Nikolai for a second time, putting into action the first requirement of The Testament of Vasshan. (8:20pm)

21-Oct-07 - Sunday
{p07#091} Alaia meets with her master who in turn extracts the potent energy from her womb that will bring Vasshan into being as a result of her night of passion with Nikolai. (1:13am)

22-Oct-07 - Monday
{06#084} Rae’s sister is kidnapped as a message to Adam that Dr Bloodmoney and Ilsa are in town. (9:00pm)

25-Oct-07 - Thursday
{p06#082} Darian and Alessa set a trap to try and lure the perpetrator of the recent spate of child murders. Instead they are attacked by a group of demonic mages, forcing Darian to expose his darkside in front of a troubled Alessa. (5:00pm)

28-Oct-07 - Sunday
{p06#086} Darian and Alessa chance upon the trio of witches battling against a water demon in a nearby park. After saving one of them from drowning Alessa discovers that it is in fact Kate. (1:07am)
{p06#089} Barry Strider awakes from his coma, and Ellis holds the man’s time-altering sphere to ransom in a bid to get the hunter to talk. (1:38am)
{p06#087} Alessa and Darian take an unconsciousKate to Poplar Avenue. Leaving Galen alone with his wife, Darian again struggles against his dark-fae side, further arousing Liala’s suspicions. (2:18am)
{p06#088} Discovering that Kate has no memory of them, Darian, Galen and Alessa try to explain what’s going on. And after provoking Darian into performing black magics on Kate, Liala is certain that her lover is hiding something.
{p07#090} Taking Kate home, Galen attempts to jog her memory by showing her photos and home videos of their life together. (3:54am)
{p07#092} Kate explains to Galen how she has to return to The Ministry, but not without promising to come and see him again. (9:33am)

31-Oct-07 - Wednesday
{p07#094} As Barry Strider’s health continues to deteriorate he is visited by a hooded figure who offers him a chance to reclaim his time-altering sphere in exchange for working for the stranger. (6:30am)

01-Nov-07 - Thursday
{p07#093} The remaining White Hats - Alessa, Darian, Galen, Kyle and Liala gather for a meeting and are joined by Zayn who suggests they make a more calculated patrol of the local areas to find the source of the recent upsurge in supernatural phenomenon. (5:00pm)

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