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Gender: Female

Real Name: Henna Taylor Moore

Nickname: Henna

Birthdate and Location: June 10th, 1982 – San Francisco, CA

Died: August 28th, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Group Affiliation: Fellowship Foundation

Position: Office Manager at 1318 Poplar Avenue

5'7" tall. 119 lbs. green eyes, short brown hair with blonde highlights. Henna is fond of tattoos and piercings and has both including a nipple ring, a nose stud, a tongue stud, a belly button ring and 5 piercings in each ear. She has an eyebrow piercing but does not usually wear a ring in it except when going out. She has tattoos on her ankle, butt, back (at the base), neck, (see Henna’s tattoo) and right arm mostly of oriental or tribal design.

(Henna is played by Cathleen Bell)

Henna was born to parents who both made sizeable fortunes in both the stock boom of the 80's and the Internet boom of the late 90's. Her father works with Apple computers as a business manager, and her mother owns an online brokerage firm that survived the Internet business collapse of the late 90's.

She has been working for her mother's company in an 'unofficial' capacity since she was 13 and as a regular employee as since she was 18. Henna has a good head for managing diverse corporate interests and makes a healthy living. She moved to LA in the summer of 2005 to look for work that was more rewarding than the greed and gain of her mother's company. She was hoping to find a company that would be able to utilise all of her diverse (and considerable) talents. She has her Mother's head for business, and her father's knack for getting out when things are good. For the most part she is close with her parents. She has no brothers or sisters. Henna has dated extensively preferring relationships that are short but intense. She is not currently seeing anyone.

On the 6th August, 2005 Henna was killed and replaced by the first doppelganger to come from the Evil Entity. Her body has been disposed of and will not be found. The doppelganger continues to exist and pretend (and for the most part believe) it is Henna Moore.

On the 28th August, 2005 the doppelganger that replaced Henna Moore was discovered and slain by the vampire hunter Sorrow.

Henna had no powers to speak of except a head for business. The doppelganger has no powers either except it has no need to eat or sleep or eliminate waste. Doppelgangers can eat small amounts of food or drink but they must then regurgitate them. Henna's doppelganger does this but not consciously.

Henna has knowledge of Aikido, which she has practised since she was small (and therefor the Doppelganger has this knowledge too). She also is an accomplished gymnast. Henna also likes to surf, hang-glide, rock climb, and run.

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