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Full Name: Baron Oldrak Siciz Myklos Bertrayn

Nickname: Oldrak

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Homeworld: Vorgrell

Light Side/Dark Side Ratio: 6/8

Age: 52

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 154lbs

Oldrak is played by Gabriel Byrne

Mature yet enigmatically handsome, Oldrak Bertrayn stands at 5’9” in height and has a rather lean build for a man of his advancing years. He has short black hair that is greying slightly at the temples, and steely grey-blue eyes. His face bears hard frown-lines around his eyes and forehead that often give him a rather harsh, indurate appearance which is not entirely unfounded. In keeping with his position on Vorgrell, Oldrak only wears the finest, hand-tailored clothing in the most comfortable and luxurious fabrics.

First born son of the Noble House of Bertrayn, Oldrak was always destined to rule.

rightHis position on Vorgrell was founded by his Grandfather Myklos Bertrayn I – son and heir of a prominent political family heralding from the oceanic region of Betra in the Bakura System. Through a series of what would seem to be fortuitous events, Myklos landed on Vorgrell and forged a successful business harvesting the bountiful oceans of Glasios, Pelu and several other species of edible aquatic creatures. By the time the Trade Federation started to build Plateau City, Myklos was already a prominent figure on Vorgrell and so it was only natural that he took a place in the new planet’s council.

Since then, the Bertrayn’s have had a ruling majority in all concerns relating to the oceans and seas of Vorgrell and supervise the management of the Captains’ Guild. This was the legacy that Oldrak would inherit and from so from an early age he was tutored in the family business of commercial fishing, trading and sailing and familiarised with the economic structures of the Captains’ Guild within which he would have to someday negotiate.

Oldrak never aspired to anything other than his duty, he was hard-working and successful in his endeavours and upon his father’s eventual death assumed control over the Bertrayn empire.

Considering his own strictly enforced work-ethic it was perhaps a surprise even to Oldrak himself that he so easily won the heart of fellow Vorgrellian Irina Leraldwaressi – daughter of the most prominent and distinguished sea captain in Oldrak’s employ. The two were eventually married and blessed with the birth of what would turn out to be their only son – Myklos Yoird Bertrayn II.

It was a tragic blow when it was discovered that Irina could have no more children, placing their entire hopes for the future of their family onto their young son Myklos. But nevertheless, they were hopeful that soon their son would marry and have children of his own, forging stronger relations with the other houses of Vorgrell and ensuring Bertrayn’s longevity.

Sadly, this was not to be.

leftDuring the Orsiri Coup, young Myklos was shot and killed when he attempted to free his mother from a group of stormtroopers that were leading her out of the castle. Irina Betrayn never recovered from the shock and guilt she felt over her son’s death and as a result her health began to suffer, eventually confining her to permanent bed-rest.

Despairing at the future of his house, Oldrak began to retreat further into his own private meditations as he struggled to formulate a solution to his dire circumstances. He was determined not to let his House come to ruin yet in his despair, Oldrak grew bitter and resentful of his ailing wife Irina and the two became increasingly estranged.

It wasn’t until he received a most unexpected communication from his old friend Mordan Odari-Morosa that he began to see a glimmer of hope. The houses Bertrayn and Odari-Morosa had a mutual regard going back generations when they both held prominent positions on the planet of Bakura, but now it seemed there had arisen a way to unite the two families and ensure their mutual prosperity.

It was agreed upon by the two men, that in light of Oldrak’s personal misfortune and Morden’s desire to have his daughter – the young Arica Odari-Morosa – well provided for, she would go to live with the Bertrayn’s. It was also decided upon that, when the time was right, the young girl would eventually marry Oldrak in order to provide him with a son and heir to secure the family line.

It has now been two years since Arica first arrived on Vorgrell and although Oldrak has not yet revealed to her the nature of his arrangement with her father he is confident that in light of his wife’s current deterioration of health, it won’t be long before he is able to reap the benefits of that agreement. He has, in fact, grown increasingly fond of his ‘niece’, enjoying her company at every opportunity and believes that she won’t be adverse to a proposal when the time arrives.

Not Force sensitive, Oldrak has considerable power and influence in Plateau City and on Vorgrell in general. He is a skilled diplomat and negotiator, excelling in matters of industrial dispute and resolution. He is also exceedingly well-educated and is fluent in both Huttese and Rodian.

Oldrak’s other passion outside of business is his practice of the ancient art of Jar’Kai which is a form of combat using two swords simultaneously, and also Shyarn-ado using a single bladed scimitar and in which Oldrak is particularly skilled having trained in this art all his life.


Private Residences – Palace de Kancha and The Sea Castle
The primary residence of the Bertrayn family – Palace de Kancha of Plateau City is an impressive construct of burnished steel and reinforced flexi-glass, designed to withstand the frequent ground tremors of Vorgrell. The building is such that it seems to reflect light in all directions, hence its name which means Palace of Light.

However, situated on the coast of the Whirleek Sea in the small fishing town of Betra, stands a smaller but much more beautiful habitation. The ‘Sea Castle’ faces out towards the ocean, surrounded by its own private white-sand beach. It acts as a secondary residence to the family and is especially well-situated for transacting their business with the Sea Captains’ Guild and the various trade business of Vorgrell’s water masses.

Royal Transport Ship – The Morning Star
Although classified and marketed as a Personal Yacht, the SoroSuub Luxury 200-Series bears more resemblance to a small starliner with large communal areas for watching the stars and relaxing as well as generously appointed cabins for a large passenger complement. Capable of sublight speeds matching many military vessels, and equipped with a large cargo hold for passenger vehicles and amenities, the Luxury 200 is designed for the extremely rich although some have been sold to a few exclusive passenger lines for well to do passengers. The Luxury 200 has plenty of scope for adaptation, with many having weapons added to protect their passengers and cargoes.


The Morning Star technical readout:

Category: Personal Pleasure Yacht
Model: SoroSuub Luxury 200-Series
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 100 Metres
Crew: Skeleton Crew: 2 (Pilot + Co-Pilot) Additional room and supplies for 12 crew members
Crew Skill: Space Transports 4D, Astrogation 4D, Starship Shields 4D
Passengers: 28
Nav Computer: Yes
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x12
Atmospheric Speed: 280; 800 kph
Manoeuvrability: 1D
Cargo Capacity: 15 Metric Tons with 3 months worth of supplies
Weapons: Modified - pair of quad laser cannons

Royal Ocean Transport - The Sea Sprite
Besides their sizeable fleet of sailing and fishing vessels, the Bertrayn’s also own a rather luxurious subocean transport vessel called The Sea Sprite. Lightly armoured and not equipped for heavy combat duty, The Sea Sprite is more of a pleasure craft come transport vessel than a commercial craft – accommodating the Bertrayn’s need for a comfortable yet efficient means of traversing Vorgrell’s aquatic masses.

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