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Name: Bonita Garcia
Alter Identity: Tikal (this is explained later on, but it is not neccessarily a super- hero alter identity)
Age: 15
Race: Hispanic, however a mutation has made her skin color look nearly caucasion
Hair Color: Orange/Brown, with blond highlights
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 100 lbs.

Physical fitness: Bonita has the normal physical fitness of a 15 year old girl who competes in regular physical activity.

Education: Bonita has never gone to school. More on that later on.

Group Affliction: None (thus far)

Bonita Garcia aka Tikal

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Near the decline of the Mayan Empire of central america, a young girl was born in the large city of Tikal. The girl was different from the others. Her skin was fair, and her hair had an orange to blond hue. As she grew up, the girl claimed to be a messanger of the gods, a demi-goddess if you will. She claimed to have the ability to control the weather. Most declared this a fantasy, but it soon became clear that the girl did posses special powers, although if it was from the gods was unclear. One fateful night, a large storm struck the city of Tikal. The people cried out to the girl to help them, but she was unable to do such a feat. Declaring her a fake, the Mayan officals captured her. On an alter to their lead god, they saccrificed her in hopes that the death of this pretender would please their divine rulers. The storm did eventually stop, but it is said that the girl vowed to return one day...

15 years ago, Jose and Lacita Garcia, who lived in Mexico, had a daughter whom them named Bonita, which means pretty. In hopes that they could give their daughter a better life, they illegally traveled to the United States. Over the years, Jose and his wife constantly moved from place to place, state to state, in order to avoid being discovered and deported. Bonita came with them, and this lifestyle made it so that she never went to school, although her parents did make it a point to teach her English so that she would fit in better.

A big problem, however, occured during their travels. After weather several freak storms, it became apparent to Jose nad his wife that thier duaghter was...special. Many of these Storms occured when Bonita was angry or scared. They concealed and protected their daughter as best they could, for they knew if she was ever found out the whole family would be in grave trouble.

Eventually, the Garcia's moved to New Jersey, near Crystal City. There, the father got a meager paying job and the family was able to live there for at least a little while. However, because of financial trouble and a nasty gambling problem, Jose needed money fast. To do this, he borrowed money from an illegla source, When he failed to pay them back, trouble struck.

Bonita's parents were killed, perhaps slaughtered, before her young and not understanding eyes. Bonita probably would have suffered a similar fate, had her powers not decided to come out. Because of her fear, anger and intense sadness, Bonita created a very large storm that managed to kill most of her family's murderers.

But the trouble didn't end there. Slimy Stan, an illegal weapons dealer, discovered Bonita's power that day. Knowing there were people who would pay a good price for a powerful meta like the girl, she and his partners kidnapped her and kept her in a sleeping state (using drugs) until they found a buyer. That buyer came in the form of Lucius Blackwall.

Lucius used Bonita as a weapon to help him destroyed Crystal City. Serenity kept her asleep, and Dream Weaver manipulated her dreams so that she would relieve her greatest nightmares again and again. This made her subconciously use her powers, and created another freak storm. These attempts were stopped by a hero named Spectrum however...

could it be that Bonita has the spirit of Tikal living inside her?

Bonita Garcia aka Tikal

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1. Weather Manipulation

Stunt: Tikal can manipulate the weather of an area. This includes, but is not neccesarily limited to
a) Wind Control
b) parcipitation control
c) Condensation control (I.E. the ability to form clouds, but it is limited to that)
d) Lighting control

Limit: While the true power of this has never been tested, the area Tikal can manipulate must be many miles, as she was able to create a storm that went over all of Crystal City. However, that is not to say that there is no limit to how far away she can do this, it just has never been tested out.

Limit: Manipulation and Control are two very different things. Although Tikal has the ability to manipulate the weather, she has a much harder time controling it. In fact, this power is based heavily on emotion. For example, and angry or scared Tikal has less control over her powers than a calm and happy one.

2. Temperature Manipulation

Stunt: Tikal can increase or lower the temperature of an area by a few degrees.

Limit: This power does not span the same length as weather manipulation, and only applies to areas much closer to Tikal.

Limit: This power if very limited. If say, the temperature was just above freezing, Tikal could make it colder so that rain would become snow. However, if it was a very hot day or even a fairly warm one, she would never be able to lower the temp. enough to make it snow.

3. Flight?

Notes on Flight: Tikal cannot fly. That said, it is plausable to think that she could create enough wind to propel her or another off of the ground. However, she would not do this unless absolutely neccessary because she would have very little control over where she would go, and would most likely end up hurting herself or worse.


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Bonita has no personal possessions whatsoever except for the clothes on her back at the time she is first introduced into the story.

Bonita Garcia aka Tikal

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Bonita/Tikal is played by Final Fantasy X's Rikku :D

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