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Regarding - Timeline

This announcement is specifically aimed at non-labn players who do not know how the timeline works. For those people here's a quick FAQ...

What are the numbers at the begining of each reference? E.G {p01#010}
The numbers are a code that links to the specific post on the gameboard, the first two numbers corresponde to the PAGE NUMBER the post is located, the second three numbers relate to the POST NUMBER as it appears on the gameboard. Also, click on the reference number and a seperate window will appear to lead you to that specific post.

Hey, my post was the first to be posted on the gameboard, how come it isn't the first in the timeline?
The timeline orders posts chronologically from earliest date to the most present day post, which is why it's important to date and time your posts where appropriate.

Why is my PC (Player Character) name in a specific colour? Does it mean anything?
All PC's are coded with a specific colour to make referencing a post easier, for example, all references to Sydney are coded in Pink, all references to Spectrum are in Lime Green. If you want to find a post that included one of the characters you can scan by colour making it much easier as the timeline grows. There is no relation between PC and code colour, apart from random choice. And just one further point, all 'extras' and NPC characters are coded Black.

Anymore questions?

Questions and Queries

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Regarding - Character Profiles: Villains (REPOSTED)

Spectrum wrote:
Here's a character profile question. I noticed some people put the profile of the villain in the character profile, but others didn't. Should I put it in the Character Profile Forum or should I put it into the NPC section or both?

A Villain or a character's 'Nemesis' is classed as an NPC character (non-player character) and as such should be posted in the Bullpen (the same goes for Places/Organisations/Groups etc). This will then be transfered to the NPC Forum which is a Read Only forum for administration purposes which is linked to the nice flashy set up on the Home Page.

Spectrum wrote:
One more thing. Should we write a whole bio for them like we do for the Character Profile, or should we do a more brief bio?

It's quite acceptable to have a shorter biography for an NPC character, although the same level of detail is required as when submitting a PC (player character) it doesn't have to be quite so exhaustive.

Divine Angel wrote:
I'd go for a full bio, I see the villain as the yin and the hero as the yang (or whatever order it is)... Im just as excited to write my villain as my hero, after all where would Batman be without The Joker. But then again it's your choice!!

Sara wrote:
I would still recomend at some point doing a full bio for your own use. If for no other reason than to get into the villain's head... It's really your call in the end, but if you're going to use the villain a LOT, a full bio would probably be more usefull to have at some point.

Questions and Queries

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Regarding - Character Profiles: Power Levels (REPOSTED)

Steel Eagle wrote:
Is there a particular power level maximum or average that you would like to maintain amongst the heroes?Or would you rather have Superman types pal-ing around with Jimmy Olsen level heroes?

I was just wondering what the general consensus was for the characters in the world.

All Player Characters MUST have an inbuilt flaw or weakness of some sort. (So if your character has strong meta-like powers he/she may not be a strong warrior, or maybe using their powers drains them excessively etc.) Not only does it make for a more interesting and well-rounded character, but also promotes interaction between characters (which is what this RPG is really about). A character that appears to be 'omnipotent' won't even be concidered by the players (unless the rest of the application is so outstanding that the powers could be reworked).

FenrisX wrote:
Well generally, we dont want anyone superpowerful (IE: Superman, SilverSurfer, Thor) The best bet is to stay in the middle. However, there could be exceptions.

Ricochet wrote:
Personally I don't like semi-omnipotant characters, you know the ones - the ones you couldn't defeat short of dropping a nuclear reactor on their heads! Even if your character does have some jaw droppingly super, superpowers I'd suggest building a weakness or flaw in there somewhere.

After all, even Superman had his Kryptonite.

Questions and Queries

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Regarding - Post Frequency (REPOSTED)

Spectrum wrote:
All right... I admit it... I'm an online RPG virgin. I've never done it before. With that in mind... how often should we post our stories? I remember reading that we should post at least every two weeks... but how frequently can we post our stories?

There aren't any hard and fast rules concerning posting rate. If you have something written feel free to post it. I know there were some concerns about not writing too far ahead in the future by this, we mean leaping months ahead in time, thereby creating problems when characters cross-over and meet each other.

If you have more than one post written, don't be afraid to post them up sequentially. You'll probably find you have bursts of writing inspiration and go through periods where you are constantly posting stories like four or five a week and then times when ideas run a little dry and you maybe only post once a month.

The two-week post rule is only a guideline and no one is going to kick you out if you've been busy actually having a life and are unable to post. (Hell there are members on LABN who haven't posted anything for months at a time, including myself now and then!) Just let us know by posting a message in the forums and then at least we know you haven't vanished from the face of the planet.

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