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"Buffy" Beauty Takes the stage

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Hannigan Faking It in London

"On the side" is about to become a very big thing for Alyson Hannigan. The "Buffy" beauty is heading to London's West End, where she'll star opposite Luke Perry (yes, Dylan McKay himself) in the stage adaptation of the Meg Ryan-Billy Crystal romantic comedy classic "When Harry Met Sally," reports the London Evening Standard.

"I am very excited and also terrified," Hannigan, 29, tells the paper of playing high-maintenance Sally. "I haven't done theater since high school so I have a lot to learn, but it's always been a dream to go to London and do theater. I can't believe it's come true this early in my life. I feel really blessed."

And despite playing the sexually liberated, band-camp-obsessed Michelle in the "American Pie" flicks, the actress is a wee bit worried about Sally's faux restaurant climax, which memorably ends with a fellow patron announcing, "I'll have what she's having."

"I am nervous about the orgasm scene because it's not every day you do that in front of 800 people," explains Hannigan, who wed "Angel" hottie Alexis Denisof in October.

The production is set to open Feb. 20 for an initial 16-week run, which should give Alyson time to get back to the U.S. and work on her planned sitcom for NBC, which is pegged to debut in the fall of 2004.

Original Source: http://entertainment.msn.com/news/article.aspx?news=144278

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