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Something dawned on me the other day. Well, okay actually it was last week but I forgot about it until know. Remember Restless at the end of season 4? That one with all the weird dreams? Well, when I watched that ep for the first time, the theme that was running through my head was "what the f***?". Most of it was bizzare (that guy with the cheese, for example. What the hell was Joss on when he thought that up?), but there's a point in Buffy's dream where she comes across Joyce who is apparently living in the walls.

Now, I was watching School Hard (season 2), and about half way through Joyce, Snyder and a few others go hide in a class room from vamps, who in turn try to batter down the door with an axe. Buffy stakes them and then talks to her mom through the big gap in the door. I was trying to think what that reminded me of when I remembered the bit in Restless. The hole is almost identical to that one in, I think.

So, was this planned, or just merely coincidental? Like I said, most of that episode was waaaaaaaaay out there for me (again, using the cheese guy for an example), so I'd be pretty ecsatic to have worked out a bit. Any thoughts? Can anybody shed any light on that episode, most notably on the cheese dude.

A Revelation

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I find it more than a coincedence that you would ask this question now. (Is the rest of the Cast Party thinking what I am thinking? We are *SO* on the same wavelength at times.)

During the Cast Party we watched that particular episode. If you have Season 4 on DVD I recommend watching it with the commentary on. Joss explains loads of his cool insights. But, I will go as far as to clear up the 'cheese guy'--he has no meaning at all. Just thrown in there for the hell of it. Perhaps just to make all of us ask, "What the hell?!"

And for the record, I think Restless is a brilliant episode. I am hooked.

A Revelation

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Really? Wow. That's quite scary actually!

So he has no real meaning? Oh. Not sure whether that makes any more sense or less!

Will have to get round to getting some Buffy DVD's...

A Revelation

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You must buy all available seasons on DVD, Matt. It's a moral imperative.

A Revelation

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I kno, I know. Bad Matt. Very bad Matt.

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