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Name: Chiedra (pronounced “kee-ra”)

Race: Demon (Shadre)

Languages: English, Shadrese

Gender: Female

DOB: Unknown (arrived on Earth in the Fall of 2010); appears to be in her early 20’s 


Description: Chiedra is a humanoid-looking demon.  Her skin is chocolate brown and her hair is jet black.  She wears it long and often pulled back in a severe top knot.  She is slim and slinky in appearance and moves with a fluid grace.  Chiedra has distinctive aquamarine eyes with no iris that glow bright blue in total darkness.  She also has geometric markings on her face and body in a dark teal color.  The markings consist of lines and small triangles that start at her cheekbones and move down her face and either side of her body symmetrically. 

Attitude: Chiedra is something of a “gray hat” to borrow a phrase.  She is neither all good nor all bad.  If you were assigning her a classic alignment, she would be neutral.  Chiedra is a bit sarcastic, and more than a little dangerous.  She has one goal: to get home.  Chiedra is currently trapped her on Earth and her ultimate, driving motivation, is to find a way back to her home dimension.  She has a very different moral code than what would be considered normal.  Chiedra will not betray her word, once given, but she has no qualms about nefarious deeds, even (or especially) if the price is right. 

Chiedra has only a handful of true friends, most of which are people she met through her mentor, Niall Tiergnan.  Niall is a Wizard, a leader in the supernatural underworld, and a general do-gooder.  He and Chiedra are currently estranged as he does not approve of her lifestyle choices. 





Trained in Thief skills (ie, picking locks, disarming alarm systems, disguises, etc.)

Trained in simple hand-to-hand combat

Training with a staff

Proficient (but not exceptionally skilled) in the use of small firearms




Suspicious by nature



Dark alleys

Smokey jazz clubs

Moonlight and starshine

Cloudy days

Cats (especially her Russian Blue, Piwacket)

Fast cars




Sunny Days

The beach




She was a happy, outgoing Shadrese child.  She was the youngest daughter of a prominent Shadow Priestess in the Shadre dimension.  She knew nothing of other worlds or other people.  Until, one day, while playing amongst the ruins of an ancient temple near her home, she came upon a strange, amber colored rock glowing amidst a small copse of shade trees.  She was curious and approached the area for a closer look.  She missed the obvious signs of ritual magic, so caught up in the mystery that she failed to notice runes inscribes in the nearby rocks and the soft, muted chant from nearby.  When she was close enough, Shan reached out to touch the glowing amber with one fingertip.  Suddenly a bright, painful golden light erupted from the strange object.  She was blinded and felt herself freefalling. 

                She awoke in a strange place.  The air around her smelled different, fetid and wet.  She lay on hard, rough ground and nearby she could hear the strange cries of some unknown animal.  As her eyes readjusted after the bright light, she could make out a figure nearby, standing and watching her.  She was terrified.  She huddled as she glanced about, confused and lost.  The world around her seemed strange.  The light was different, somehow harsher than that she was used to.  The very air felt different as well.  And all around there were harsh, alien sounds which abraided her ears.  The figure standing a few feet away approached cautiously, shaking his head.  He spoke in odd words that she could not begin to understand.  She shook her head.  Where was this strange place? Who was this strange creature? How had she come to be here? 

Again and again, Chiedra relives that fateful night over a decade ago when she arrived on Earth.  A mere child, she had no understanding of the powerful forces that had brought her here.  Her only friend for many years was the man who was standing by when she literally appeared out of nowhere in that deserted alley, Niall Tiergnan.  Niall was a wizard.  He had been passing nearby when he felt a strange disturbance and ducked into the alley just in time to witness Chiedra’s unusual introduction to his world.  Niall took Chiedra in and raised her.  He trained her the best way he knew how.  Chiedra’s adolescence was unusual, but Niall did his best to keep her safe and help her grow into a strong, capable woman.

Niall is a “do-gooder” by nature.  He has always gone out of his way to help others, especially those who were weaker or who were being preyed on by those in power.  He tried to raise Chiedra with his moral code, but she didn’t quite turn out the way he intended.  Chiedra, coming from a very different place, had a very different idea about what was right and what was wrong.  When she became an adult, she took up her quest in earnest.  Chiedra wanted to go home.  That was pretty much all that she could focus on.  Therefore, she would take any route to try and get home.  Niall didn’t approve of her choices, and worried that she would end up hurting herself or someone he was eventually forced to defend.  Because of that, Chiedra and Niall have not been close for the last couple of years. 

Chiedra has contacted many different magic users and supernatural beings, seeking a way home.  Unfortunately, up to this point, no one has been able to open a portal back to Shadre.  Chiedra is stuck here on Earth, a fact which does not make her happy.  She is still always looking for a way home. 


Small, one-bedroom Manhattan apartment in a secure building, all black Kawasaki motorcycle, lockpick tools, assortment of handguns, lightweight staff, Russian Blue cat named Piwacket, high tech black armored bodysuit


Average strength, superhuman agility and dexterity, nightvision, slightly better than human sense of hearing, Darkness Control

Darkness Control: Ability to manipulate darkness in supernatural ways.  A character with darkness control can shape objects out of darkness and manipulate them.  The character can also generate an area of unnatural darkness.  Finally, the character can blend into shadows and shadowwalk.  Shadowwalking is a sort of teleportation in which the character can travel across great distances by moving from shadow to shadow.  These powers have limits, but Chiedra has not tested them fully yet.  She becomes very drained and must rest to restore herself when she uses her powers to the limit she has thus far discovered. 


There is a big secret in Chiedra’s origin, but I am not ready to reveal that just yet. 

Played by:

Zoe Saldana

I do like - the one question

Kaarin's picture

I do like - the one question I have is really how complex / solid these objects are. e.g., can she make a gun, a sword that works in a fight? Or are we talking things like tentacles and whips (and praying she's never seen a hentai)?

A clarification

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Nothing mechanical, and i don't know that she can make anything with a sharp edge (ie, that would cut).  I think at this stage the objects are simple, like projectiles she can hurl, a "staff" made of shadows, etc.  So she might be able to pull off simple melee weapons.  Additionallly, I envision that she can make "tentacles" tendrils that she can control from a short distance.  I also feel that she can potentially manipulate these tentacles to perform simple tasks, but nothing too complicated.  She can not pick a lock, but she can pick up an object if you get my thought process here.  I need to amend the proposal and add her weakness, which is obviously to full light.  She is weaker in full light and appears "insubstantial" in a way in that sort of bright light.  I have a vision that she appears "smoky" when seen in bright light, particularly in sunlight. 

Yup, can get that - I imagine

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Yup, can get that - I imagine the more light in an area, the harder it is to use. Normal lighting conditions? Fine. Start shooting her shadows with a bunch of floodlights, though, and they have problems.

Exactly, hence the

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Exactly, hence the "weakness".  She avoids brightly lit places, sunny days, daylight hours, etc... She's from a realm that consists of shadows...I'm thinking in her dimension, there is no "sun" but rather multiple moons.  The world is lit by ambient rather than direct light.  Thus, many shadows and much darkness.  She is used to cool temperatures and little light.  She hates the harsh, hot weather of this world.  To her light is garish and brutal.  Darkness and shadows are comforting and safe. 

She should buy a place in

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She should buy a place in Forks, Washington...

*Gag*....never, ever,

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*Gag*....never, ever, ever...not ever...was that clear enough?


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Yes, madam! :D

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Yes, madam! :D

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