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Alissa V. Grey and Doctor Gillian Grey

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Character Names: Alissa V. Grey and Doctor Gillian Grey, Professor Regent at Columbia
Other Names: None
Race: Human
Sex:  Female / Male
Birthday / Location:  December 20, 2012/ Bronx Parkway exit to Connect to Boston Street in the back of a Taxi.(Alissa)

             December 20, 1986/ East Sussex (Gillian)

Group Affiliation: Unknown at this time/  Historian at the American Museum of American History, and Regents Professor of the History Department at Columbia University.

Position:   Cute child with FLUFFY toy! /   Professor

Description played by MacKenzie Foy and Nicholas Cage

Height: 4’8 / 6’8

Weight: 72lbs/ 176lbs

Attitude: Both though active in society: working, going to school, charity events… they tend to be withdrawn. Keeping to themselves, and seeming to prefer it that way.

Alissa on her on is very talkative, constantly asking certain questions, patterned questions, but they always end with… Are you a good witch or a bad witch? To which she asks as cutely as possible.
Gillian tends to be informing, kind, pointed in his views, and his stand points. When working he is helpful to his students, as well as his colleagues at the Museums with authenticating items.

Lifestyle:  Their lifestyle though seeming grand from an outside point is more simplistic then anything. Gillian believes that with great wealth comes a greater responsibility. He and his daughter tend to travel, picking up artifacts, and other items for the Museums. On occasion, Gillian will date, but tends to end it rather abruptly then what would be the norm.

Background: From the first word that Alissa could speak he has taught her all he knew. Arabic, Latin, German, French, Babylonian- for good measure. Taught her the proper regents for the spells that she showed prowess in. Gillian worked day, and night doing all he could to train her for anything that may attempt to harm her.

The day Alissa was born, was the day they lost her mother. Waiting for an ambulance, bleeding to death in the back of a taxi on her way to work. Gillian took time off of work.. 6 years to be exact to care for his child. To mold her… to the ‘right’ way of thinking. On her seventh birthday they threw a grand party at her house. Though it consisted of Alissa, her daddy, and his new girlfriend. Sadly though… they didn’t ever see her again.. BUT Alissa did get a brand new porcelain Vanity doll… that she happily put into the case in her room with the other  12... Well 13 now.

Items: Gillian: A ladder which moves on its own in his library for when he puts away books.
           Alissa: Carries with her at ALL times, even in school, a stuffed lion that covers also as a ‘bag’. She keeps a little journal, some regents, and a picture of her mommy within.

Powers: Both Gillian, and Alissa specialize in witch finding, and binding them. Whether it is to an object, a binding cask, or… in Alissa’s case… her dolls.

Alissa is able to cast a single attack spell as well as finding and binding. Like her daddy. Alissa can also cast light, making a little ball of light available. When she does cast her attack spell, the spell shoots out a jet of fire.

Gillian has a wide variety of spells on top of the witch finding, and binding. Such as reverse witches spell, Energy bolt, Quick illusion, Solidify spirit, and Restoring.

I like the idea, but have a

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I like the idea, but have a few comments. It doesnt really explain where either learned about magic, or the supernatural. Maybe you should add something into the background.

Also, not sure what witch finding and binding is as well as some of the specific spells you listed. Maybe you could elaborate a bit more here.

Good start though!

I mentioned this to Savannah

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I mentioned this to Savannah over the phone, but Binding the witches to the dolls has "this is a bad idea" written all over it. 

All it would take is one stray spell or a misfired curse or some demon with a vendetta to animate all of those dolls. And then it is Puppet Master all over again.

Which is actually pretty good

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Which is actually pretty good when it comes to plot potential, when you think about it - any binding has the potential to not only go wrong, but to produce a stream of very pissed off enemies. Some of which, depending on what exactly happens when you do bind a witch, may produce some quite unstable enemies as well. The thing that I wonder is actually different.

Witch Hunter is clear - I'm fine with not having the origin of the abilities explained. One assumes books, a mentor, or other order. My curiosity is, what kind of witches / things do they hunt? Do they distinguish between, say, "Dangerous bad magic hurt the world" witch and "I'm going to try to help people witch"? Or do they go, "A witch is a witch is a witch?" In other words, looking for the moral center.

Re some of her dolls captured

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Re some of her dolls captured by her Dad or are all of them hers?  60 of them (at 2 per month) meant she started two years ago when she was 6.  I call shenanigans on that. 12 maybe...now 13. And it has the added benefit of an "ominous" number

Ohhh, I read it all wrong...

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Ohhh, I read it all wrong... I thought it was the dad's girlfriends who got turned into dolls, not witches. 

Some of them might be

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Some of them might be girlfriends, I had not thought of that.  I figured she answered poorly to the girl's question:

"Are you a good with or a bad witch?"

She mentioned that the

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She mentioned that the father's girlfriends didnt last long, and that the last one had disappeared just after her birthday and that the girl had got a new doll... 

Yep, she probably answered poorly to that question. 



Thanks for...

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Thanks for all the feed back. I am working now on a few other things to tie it together better. Just a few points I would like to state at the current moment.


The number is 60 because her father, Gillian had been doing it before she was born, that will be explained though in the things that I am adding. As for his spells and the spells in general. There are a good many of them that Gillian has, be it in books, scrolls or the latter. Though I will say that none of them are totally destructive towards normals/ innocents. They are geared toward witches, preferably bad ones. Again.. MORE detail will be in what I am working on to add. I only told more about the daughter because.. she is whom I am going to be focused on playing 85% of the time. Though Gillian will be a roll with in that.

I understand though that more about him is needed, and i will repost the app in its entirety once I am completed with is edits, and addings about him,


History, etc..

Gillian's History as I see it..

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Gillian got his teaching degree as well as his masters in European and American history at Cambridge University. Graduating on December 21, 1932.  From there he decided to travel, staying in Italy, then Austria for a short time. Then in 1939 when the Germans invade Poland, he made his way to France to find a way to American. When he finally arrived to France it was April. Little did he realize that in May 1940, Germany would enter France, and the city he was living in. They sealed of ports making any travel a hard process.

Having little money he worked for a man named Professor Didier Tiquet teaching English to German Soldiers. As the occupation of France grew worse Gillian noticed little things about the Professor. Like that he only ever read in the mornings while standing on a special rug, that when Didier was finished his tea the man tended to stare at it for long periods of time, and the strangest of all was the sounds of chants that sometimes echoed through the dark corridors of the dortoir on the nights that the air raids were worse then ever.

Then one night Gillian awoke to the sound of some one in his room. Frantic he sat up, looked about. There packing Gillian’s personal effects was Didier. Looking a tad baffled, Gillian calmly spoke, “Professor.. Why are you looking in my things?…”

Didier looked to him, and spoke frantically. “Must pack, must escape. They are looking. ”

“Who are looking?”, Gillian asked his head tilting, voice grumbled, and tired.

Bringing a candle closer to his face, Didier leaned in, and spoke in German. “Zauberei.”

Gillian blinked. “Witches?…” He sat up. “Professor, I think that you.. Need to relax…” Nodding slightly, then standing he gestured partly to the door. “Lets just get you back in…” But his words were cut off, as Professor whirled around, shooting a blue glowing bolt from his hands, targeting a being trying to enter the window of Gillian’s room.

“WHOA! WHAT!” Gillian screamed as he fell huddled next to his bed, before grasping his head, then pointing. “What the HELL was that?”

Didier threw clothes to Gillian. “Dress! There isn’t much time.. They are coming.. More of them.. I found out their secret.. We have to leave NOW… Get dressed and hurry!” Doing as he was told, Gillian sped through getting dressed, and ran.. No stumbled falling back on his rump, and sliding some of the way.  Just as he reached the Professor’s study another blast shot through a window.

“WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT?!” Gillian shouted shakily.

Didier spoke quickly then. “You have shown much promise.. These last months my boy, and its time we be off from here.“ Pointing to a near by map he continued, “There she is… America.. Fresh.. Free..” Then with a nod, he held his walking cane towards Gillian to take hold. As Gillian did so, there was a rush of papers, lights, and sounds. As it all settled, and the blurs became visible. He was in New York City… In American.  

“HOW did.. You.. We..what?! … WHAT ARE YOU?!” Gillian said frantically as he backed away from Didier. The Professor smiled then. “Isn’t it obvious my boy?… I am a Zauberei, or a Witch if you prefer.. Though the proper term is a Warlock.” He nods. Looking to Gillian. “I know it seems odd now..but in time you will see.. It isn’t so bad.”

Gillian stood there slightly dumbfounded, before finally saying. “Wh..what?.. Why were they after you?…”

“Because.. I am a hunter of sorts.. Be it witches, or ghouls.. I find the bad ones.. And … remove their nascence’s from humanity. As it was past down to me by my mentor, I shall teach you.” Gillian unsure of what else to say, and totally overwhelmed by the situation as a whole simplely said. “May I have a day to consider.” Didier nodded.

A day then two.. Before he finally agreed to be come an assistant to Didier… A student. Year after year, Didier and Gillian, worked their way through small sections of the world, searching slowly for witches that preferred to do harm, enslave, and summon evil to hurt innocents.. Taking them out, either with Bindings, or out right ending their existences.

Then in December of 1986, they were hunting a rather nasty witch in Haiti. They fought her tooth, and nail. In the end.. Both she, and Didier were dead. Gillian stood alone. He was unsure as to where to go from there.. He had always had a partner. Someone he could trust depend on.

Taking a break, Gillian moved to Mississippi in June of 1987. There he met Mierisol Reynaud , an 18 year old Creole~American Indian mix, and instantly fell in love with her. They dated, for 10 years before finally getting married. A short time after that the tragedy happened. The cab driver was no ordinary cab driver. He was sent there to send a warning to Gillian. They had hoped that they had killed both the wife, and the child.. But they were wrong. Though the Mierisol died… Alissa had lived. And with her.. Gillian’s hatred was born.

Whether working at the Museum, or at the College… He is always looking for wickedness. Looking for those witches that mean himself, or other innocents harm. He will find them..

pretty cool!

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I like, definitely alot more meat here! Looking forward to reading more!

last small question, what's the advantage of binding a witch to outright killing them (given that it's not against his moral code as stated above)? Like Dave said, seems like all it takes is one evil witch to unbind everyone and poof, you're totally screwed!

Also, male witch is witch in the buffy world. Warlock just means "oath breaker" (I know i'm being horribly nit picky here)

Honestly you are.. I

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Honestly you are.. I personally feel I did well considering I have only ever seen maybe 4 episodes of the show. But at the same time I understand nit picky. I write on other sites.


On a later note. I left it as dolls.. Because.. Alissa LIKES dolls... and wicked dollies.. naughty dollies... get put in the tree limb shredder. Gillian.. ALWAYS gives Alissa what she wants. -insert evil laugh, then cough- I only truly made Gillian because my character... is 9. What she is going to walk the streets in cute little dresses with out protection? And some spells that are used for protection require two people at least. Rather then making 'twins', I made a father daughter vigilante combo pack.

Anyways, I just thought it might be a fun to throw something in that could go wrong. Now if you want something that is all neet and tidy, and no possibilities of there being something that may happen I can take it out. I just thought it would be good plot.

I actually really love that

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I actually really love that there is this time bomb ready to go off, I probably just didnt explain the question well. It's awesome for plot device, was just wondering why the character would do it. Of course, if its because the girl likes dollies, then awesome. Honestly, sorry if it came across wrong. I really do think it will lead to some great story telling! defo not wanting neat and tidy :)

Great stuff! start posting :)

Gillian got his teaching

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Gillian got his teaching degree as well as his masters in European and American history at Cambridge University. Graduating on December 21, 1932.

Assuming he is a prodigy and finished at the age of 22 that would mean he was born in 1910 and would now be 111 years old.  His daughter was born, by this timeline in 1997--making her 24.

Your timeline is off.  May I suggest this:

1964: Born in Sussex

1980: Entered Cambridge as a prodigy (age 16.)

1984: Graduated with masters (age 20)

1989: Worked with East German refugees after the fall of the Berlin Wall (age 25)

1991 Meets Didier (age 27)

2000 Didier dies in Haiti.  Gillen moves to Mississippi & meets Mierisol (age 36)

2010 Gillen and Meirisol marry (age 46)

2012 A car accident kills Meirisol but spares Alissa (age 48)

2013 Gillen and Alissa move to New York (ages 1 and 49)

2021 Present (Alissa is age 8, Gillan is age 57)



The timeline was the only

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The timeline was the only thing that seemed off to me too, but this new version of the profile was ok in every other sense. Dave's timeline looks ok to me.

Unless you make him live longer due to his magics, and keep the first part of your story like it is... up to the marriage and birth of Alissa that should be more or less in the dates that Dave proposed, else she'd be older than she looks too... but i dont think that's your plan. 

Just to let you know, my old character in LAbn was called Alessa, and i'm planning in having her appear in NYbn sometime. I dont mind your char being called Alissa, and i'm not telling you this so you change names, i just dont want you being surprised when an AlEssa appears. 

All in all, i really like the char. it would be a good addition to our group. :D

Just echoing the likes, here.

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Just echoing the likes, here. :) Should make life interesting.

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