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Demon: Frustuglach (froo-STEW-glakh)

Specializes in deals with those with nothing to offer.  He generally gives them a "too good to be true and it always is" deal.  He makes deals like:

  • To a suicide who has decided too late that he wants to live that he will clean up his life and remove all his worries only to make him an old man in a nursing home.
  • To a woman who has contracted an incurable STD he takes away her disease but gives her a baby who caries the same disease.

Enter our loser: Carmine Bocelli

Carmine is a 25-year old runner for the mobs in New York.  He takes messages, money or information on thumb-drives from place to place to prevent interception. He wants to move up in the organization, but his bosses, family and friends know that Carmine is too stupid to amount to more than he is.  Still, Carmine works out in the boxing clubs and is does some part-time bouncing at Graveyard in the hopes that sooner, rather than later, he'll get noticed.

Carmine is sweet on Magdalena who is the daughter of the woman who lives in the apartment beneath where he lives with his mother. Magdalena is a extremely lovely half-black/half latin girl who is barely 17 and who is about as bright as Carmine.  She dreams of having babies with Carmine and it only her mother who is the objection.

So a patron at Hellfire tipped Carmine a red gemstone one night.  It was tiny, about the size of a crumb but Carmine thought that Magda would love it so he went to give it to her.   As her fingers touched it Frustuglach spoke to Carmine through the stone.

"Carmine, this woman can be yours forever if you want.  Do one thing for me and I will see that she is yours alone for the rest of her life."

Carmine could not see the down side so he agreed.  And, according to Frustuglach's instruction he came down in the middle of the night and strangled Magda's mother.  Magda's mother met Frustuglach and he offered her vengeance against Magda and Carmine.  

Magda's mother rose and beat Carmine to death with a frying pan (edge-on.  ouch). Carmine stayed dead, but Magda, creeped out by her mother's act ran out into the street and was hit by a taxi and killed.  

This is how the plague of "revenants" begins.  Magda's mom is Revenant 0.

will there be a post

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Very cool Dave. Do you plan to do a post for all this, or will we leave it off camera? I actually messaged Heather about an idea for an opening post. If no one minds, we could take the wheel and start this off!

I don't mind, go ahead!  

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I don't mind, go ahead!


Well, I don't know about that

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Well, I don't know about that any more, Shaun. Now that Lou has made a character that's a very close version of my character, it looks like I need to make a new character. We don't need TWO full-figured reporter types who have a sexier alter-ego, and both of them ignorant of the supernatural world, etc. etc. There are far too many similarities. So I'm going to have to spend some time coming up with something new. But you could do that same post with Lou, since she now has that character.

sure, no worries

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Okdokey :(. I liked the idea of Alison being the mentor....you sure you're changing? Let me know and if so, i'll tweak it with someone else.

Well, it's just way too

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Well, it's just way too close. I mean, imagine if someone wrote a character that was very similar in major respects to your character I'm sure you'd find it a bit weird. So I'm going to have to scrap Alison, since Lou seems set on Meredith the way she is. Right now I'm not feeling terribly creative so you guys will just have to start without me. When and if I come up with something new I'll try again.



If you're dead set against my

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If you're dead set against my charrie Heather then I can bow out. Afterall, your character has been accepted, mine was just a proposal, and I'd hate for you to throw in the towel because of me. I'd rather not bring that bad feeling to the game before it's even started. Personally, I don't think they are huge similarities, my charrie is a student, i could always change her major, her 'curvy' figure is based on the actress and I hardly think that's gonna affect her personality, and the 'alter ego' is just another persona for the purpose of her other job which I think is pretty reasonable concidering. But if you're still against it, I'll bow out. As I said, I don't want to upset anyone.

I know we talked about having

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I know we talked about having a few of the characters being connected already and whatnot, but if you wanted to make a charrie that Alison could mentor, it would have been nice if you'd talked to me about it first. :)

It's not any one aspect that's the issue - it's the whole package. If it was just one or two things similar it would be fine. It was a bit of a shock reading your charrie though and seeing full figure (check), journalist (check), NYU scholarship (check), alter-ego with sexier job (check). The whole package hits just a bit too close to home.

Ok, as Lou said, Alison

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Ok, as Lou said, Alison character was already accepted, so please, Heather, nobody is wanting you to create another character. I don't think we can't solve this problem, if we get our heads together we will find a way, in Kaarin's words, we are all experienced roleplayers.

Maybe just a change in major would do the trick, keeping the rest of the profile like it is.

I saw this as a springboard

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I saw this as a springboard for stuff that happens in parallel to the characters lives. 

The first few posts I saw as sort of "getting to know the PCs" rather than in media rez. As we start to know the PCs there would be posts showing Carmine and Magda (and her Mom) until day 3 or so when we decide to start the real supernatural plot.


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