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Looking behind me I saw it again. A faint shadow, which flickered and disappeared once again. Gathering my courage, I ran to where I had last seen the shadow. It seemed like I was running through an endless tunnel. Finally I reached the spot where I had seen the shadow. Suddenly great waves of fear struck through me when I looked around the space. The shadow was no longer seen but all around me there was nothing but blood.

Tremendous amount of blood that was splattered all over the room. I fought back the nausea that swept through me, caused by the putrid odor and breathing became a challenge. Finally I could not take it and I gagged in front of me. With my eyes closed I vomited a little more, letting the sickness and the fear out of me.

When I opened my eyes, to my horror my vomit was think and green, still oozing out of my mouth. I tried to wipe my mouth clean but the disgusting liquid refused to go. Just as I was about to cry out in helplessness, the liquid disappeared.

I blinked twice and saw that where I had emptied my guts, there was now a whole that was increasing in size. It seemed that the green liquid was acidic, and was eating through the floor. I was surprised that it had not hurt me.

Not knowing what to do, I just stood there. Then, suddenly, I heard something. A voice beckoning me to go into the hole. I would like to do no such thing, but there was a feeling inside me, so strong that it forced me to jump into the hole. Reluctantly, I went in.

I didn’t know where I was, nor did I know that before this though. I looked around and it seemed that all around me there was nothing. Absolutely nothing accept darkness. On an impulse, I turned around and saw him. He seemed to be dressed in black and I couldn’t make out his face accept that he had a beard and piercing red eyes. Oh, those eyes, they seemed hypnotizing, holding me there. No matter how much I tried to move, it was useless.

Bringing up my courage, I tried to talk to him. “H, h, h, hi! Hu, hu, hu, who a, are, you?” I stammered and realized that my entire body was shaking.

The man, the creature said nothing for sometime except smile, an evil smile. After that his smile vanished. “You know…” It whispered. “YOU KNOW!!!” It roared.

* * *

Lying on the couch I looked over at my “shrink”. She was busy scribbling away on her notes. Sometimes I wonder whether they actually listen to you or just blank out and doodle on that little notepad of theirs.

“How many times have you had this dream?” She finally asked.

“Four times this week. A total of about twenty-three times since they started.”

“The dream is very interesting. It may tell you a lot about your inner-consciousness.”

*The dream is very interesting? Inner-consciousness? Well, isn’t she your usual Friod* I thought. *Maybe it’s about time I went to a new psychiatrist. This one wasn’t helping me much*

After a while I was out of the little clinic and towards my car.

* * *

Resting on the sofa, my body started to relax. It hadn’t occurred to me how stressed I had been. *Only a dream* I thought.

I must have been there for an hour when I suddenly felt hands reach for my head and started messaging it. I grew numb with fear as I knew there was nobody in this house except me. The hands felt so cold, as if they had been kept in the freezer for a decade.

Slowly I got up and turned around. There was nobody there. Releasing a sigh of relief, my heart, which was beating really fast started to slow down. Deciding to get myself something to drink I turned around to go to the kitchen, and came face to face with HIM!!!

“AHHHHHHHHHH” I screeched and put a hand to my mouth. “What do you want?” I managed to gasp.

He looked me in the eye like in the dream. “You know” He whispered once again and I woke up.

I had fallen asleep on the sofa. But it had seemed so real. And suddenly I knew. The memories came flooding to me, overwhelming me and taking me on as a surprise.

And I saw myself. Driving on the main highway. I felt myself being tired and closing my eyes for a second. And suddenly a figure had appeared in front of my vehicle. I tried to avoid it, but it was too late, and the car slammed into it.

Next thing I felt was myself coming back to consciousness with my head bleeding, against the steering wheel. I started my car and then switched the engine off. I didn’t remember anything of the accident. Getting out of the car, I wearily walked to the road and didn’t even notice the figure that was lying on the road. I hitch hiked to a near0by hospital.

I had remembered. I murdered that man. Without realizing my eyes had filled with tears and I was weeping uncontrollably. How could I do such a thing? Murder? And forget it. Now I knew what was happening to me. The soul of the person was reaching out to me trying to remind me what I did to him.

I grabbed my coat and keys and headed to the clinic.

* * *
“Look, I just saw you a few hours ago. You have to wait till your next appointment.” My shrink, Dr. Yanny, told me.

“But I really need to talk to you. About the dream.”

“Whatever it is, I am sure it can wait till next week. I have an appointment with someone else. Whatever the problem is, just remember to face your fears.” And with that she urged me to go home and get some rest.

As I was leaving the building, Dr. Yanny’s last words ringed in my ears. Face your fears. And I knew the answer to my problem.

I just stood there outside the building waiting for it. I had a gut feeling, call it intuition, that he would return to me right here. Probably hours went by until he showed up. There he suddenly appeared in front of me.

“You know” he whispered once again.

I breathed in “Yes, I remember. Please, I am sooo sorry. I did not know. I swear I would have helped you but I didn’t remember.” I knew I had started babbling “I will do anything. You must have a family, I’ll tend to them. I’ll try my best and support them. Tell me where they are. All I want is to help you and for me to be in peace. Please let me be in peace. Please!” I had started begging with tears coming out of my eyes.

The creature looked sad for a while. “Sorry? Family? Support?” It whispered, and turned around and faded away.

I knew he would return once again. I felt happy. I knew I had progressed to helping it and it made me pleased with myself. I took out my car keys and got in my car. I started the engine and drove towards my house.

I looked at my passenger seat and there it seemed he started to materialize again. I was not afraid anymore, but used to it. I smiled as I knew that I could help him.

“So, tell me what I can do?” I asked.

I looked at him and my smile faded. The man was looking at me with such malice it made me shiver. And then an evil grin crawled across his face.


* * *

Dr. Yanny came in the morning to her office and picked up her newspaper. She went in her little office and sat down in her chair. Her secretary would soon come and after that the patients. She opened her newspaper and started to read the front paper. She then turned the page and one of the headlines caught her eyes ad she started to read and gasped.

Girl found dead in car accident.

Yesterday night a girl was found dead. She had been found heading away from the Yanny Medical Clinic. Witnesses say that she had stood in front of the clinic and started talking to herself. After that she stepped in to her car and drove away.

Police found her late in the night where her car had drove her car into a tree. Experts claim they do not know what caused the accident. The death of the girl seems to have been because of the accident but forensic experts say that her heart seemed to have stopped before the accident happened…..

ok, the above is not my story. I rewrote it and changed a few parts to make to more sublte.....this story is the making of a friend of mine who goes in my bus and is in year 9 at the moment.

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