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Ok, probably many people have explained this to me but i still don't understand, a little.

What is the concept of a mid season? What happens in it? What is the difference between a mid season and a season season?

What is a 'Mid Season'?

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There used to be a thread talking about mid-seasons from when we did the first one, but I suspect it's been archived. It's probably quicker for me to explain it quickly here. :)

The Season is pretty much like a Buffy tv season. There's an overarching plotline, generally involving a 'big bad' of some description, and there's a bunch of interwoven sub-plots that may or may not lead into involvement in the major plot. Ideally all players should try to get involved with the main plotline, but it's not always possible. For Season 3 we'll soon be opening a thread to discuss the new 'big bad'.

Mid-season on the other hand is 'down time' for your character. There's no main plot affecting everyone. It's designed as an opportunity for players to write self-contained stories (which may or may not involve other characters in the game), 'what if' scenarios (for example, the post regarding Talhu in Mid-Season One), and short sub-plots. In the case of this mid-season it's proving also to be an opportunity for people to finish off sub-plots which weren't rounded off during Season 2.

Ideally, any story arcs started (or continued) in mid-season should be completed before Season 3 starts, although events within the mid-season can have an effect on the following season. For example, M-S One was when I wrote and resolved the series of events regarding Tash and Ohenewaa - the consequences of which manifested during Season 2. The only real exception to this is for newbies - mid-season is when new recruits can write introductory pieces for their characters (for example, Parasol's road trip to Los Angeles), which then segue into the new season.

You may, of course, choose not to write at all during mid-season. Simply take it as a holiday. Most of us find that we can't keep our hands off our keyboards for that long, though. :)

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