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Introduction to LABNAF (LA By Night Adult Forum)

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So, you're here. Welcome. Below is the PM I sent to you as a signpost for myself mostly; but it also has the idea of what the forum can be. And it's a great introduction.


I was online talking with Heather, Dave, Robin and we were discussing Heather’s depiction of Tash’s virgin-killing vampire zombie sex spree and debating if this was too much for the site. We decided it wasn’t, though it was on the edge. I was about to post a saucy tale about an encounter with Parasol and London.

Our posts have often ventured into rather racy territory. It got me to thinking. What if the very talented writers who were interested ventured into writing erotica? I just mentioned this idea in passing to Dave, Heather and Robin and before I knew it, a forum was created.

Dave really is the go-to guy, isn’t he? Further, for reasons I’ve yet to fathom, they all decided I should be the one to moderate it.

My immediate concern was for the youngsters on the board. In my opinion, some of our very talented young writers are sophisticated enough to handle both writing and reading. However, some of them, in my opinion, are not. But it’s not really my opinion that matters. It’s the law that matters – and the law has set the age limit for adult ventures to be 18.

So, I am writing to you to invite you to participate. If you take me up on my offer to write and/or read and PM me back with an affirmative, it is with your acknowledgment and agreement that you are 18 years of age. I will ask you again individually for that acknowledgment. I’ll be keeping your assurances so that if the FBI comes to my home busting me for smut-mongering, I can say “S/He said s/he was 18, officer – I mean look how s/he writes.”

I know that erotica is not for everyone, nor should it be. Me – I love it. I love erotica – not pornography. Well, that’s not true. I do love some pornography. I’m losing my point here. Erotica, as I see it, is literature based with coherent plots and compelling characters. Pornography, as I see it, is screwing for screwing’s sake. Even if those aren’t the true definitions, those are my definitions – and I’m the MODERATOR!!

The idea is to NOT use existing LABN characters. It wouldn’t be fair to those who don’t want to or can’t participate. The world is the same – vampires, demons, virgins (you go, Heather), zombies, magic, witches, mortals – but with the freedom to explore a more adult side of things. The format is short story – not epic like LABN or BtVS – because as Dave pointed out, "all sex all the time" can be tiring. I’d like those who participate to bring their considerable writing skills to the table. And what I say goes because --- I’m the MODERATOR.

This is the beginning so it will take shape as it goes along – if it goes along. I invite you to visit www.nerve.com. It describes itself as literate smut. I like that.

So, are you interested?

Introduction to LABNAF (LA By Night Adult Forum)

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Imaginative. Very. I gotta say, I'm feeling very inadequate. You must have gotten into the "not so much revision" mode, because you're very prolific -- cartoons and words o'plenty.

Kudos and thanks for contributing to the "Champagne Room" of LABN.

Introduction to LABNAF (LA By Night Adult Forum)

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Nah, thank you. I'm an amateur in everything I do (writing, tooning, singing, sex), but it's fun to have an outlet. God knows no one else will have me. :wink:

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