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I dunno. Maybe it's the liquor. Maybe it's the creep.

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I'm broke.
My feet hurt.
And that bitch is slippin'.

Damn I'm such a "G."
It's pathetic.
Somtimes stuff make me want to sing.
Sway to the left and much to the swing-
I'm not much into rap
But sometimes I rap full-swing like that rap music
Sometimes I'm left swearing
Sometimes I go out and buy stuff THEIR WEARING
While you sway
I'm swaying with you wondering why we act this way
I'm pondering

Tell me, tell me why I write this post
Maybe I'm rapping like a white boy
With no shit to post

Tell me, why I think that I've
Got a jive to give Giles
He's so square

But too into living a good life

Tell me

Why'm I posting?

Maybe if you all post you'll all
Get it
You'll write some stuff
Get it
You'll write nonsense
You'll get it
More than me
You'll tell me.

Why'm I posting'

Will you take this
Into the Archives
Will you move this
Into the Archives
Take me
To the Archives
Show me
The past lost lives
Take me, April
To the Archives
I'm homely
Not homey
I'm homely
Not homey


Anyway, some songs get me moving. Some songs teach me that, well, for instance, "Pimping ain't easy, but it's necessary."

Isn't it necessary?

Ain't it?

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