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When you make a post, there are 20 default smilies showing on the left. If you look just below those 20 there is a link to MORE smilies. And if you have a smilie you'd like me to add, then by all means email it and I'll put it up asap.

Here are some of my favorites (and the short-cut codes for them)
use a colon ":" instead of the pipe "|" i just had to use that so it wouldn't be made a smiley.

:smilecolros: = |smilecolros|
:evilbat: = |evilbat|
:BIG: = |BIG|
:grab: = |GRAB|


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ok, that totally confused me... what are we suppose to type again to get all those new smilies???

by the way, nice going dave... like em lots... heh... :)

How do I get smiley X?

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You don't type anything in. Just click on the thing that says "view more emoticons." Get a nice popup box with lots of neat little thingies.

Especially like 0X and :snipersmile:


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ok, i just HAD to try them all out...

:lying: :black: :bday: :vamp: :eviltail: :puppydogeyes:

ooooh, look! animations!!! *hops around*

:crazyeyes: :angel: :bad-words: :sleeping:

wahahaha... the one below is just TOO cute... *grin*


ok, i'll stop now. *sheepish look*

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