\ Sample: Title of Story

Sample: Title of Story


The story starts here. People can add posts as a child of this post - if we all use the titling format of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM then they'll appear in the correct order.

Below are a couple of replies showing how this works. Replies with date and time stamps on the second level are posts that lead on directly from the main story thread.

The post titled "Second Major Subplot" is a place for events occuring in the story but that are part of an offshoot (e.g. the group that went to Victor's world, or Alessa's capture).

2010-12-27 09:00

This would follow on from the main post of the story (titled "Prologue" here) and could be posted by anyone. If it follows on directly from the previous post then it would be in the main thread like this.

If someone was running a separate subplot (for example, the party that split off and went to Victor's world) then any replies to that subplot would be posted as children of the main subplot post.



2010-12-27 09:05

So here's another post that follows on the main story. The date and time stamp as the title should put it in the correct order.

2010-12-27 10:23

This is a test post from Kaarin, trying to add another reply; also, playing, intially with the weighting to see if the time stamps will allow everything to line up. An observation to make: one has to make sure that the "parent" section is selected. It looks much more intimidating than it is, but at the same time, is going to need people to pay attention to where they post things. So make sure we all drink our coffee before posting to the board.

2010-12-27 10:45 - Monday "In which Dave tries to see how long a title would have to be to reach more than three lines"

Okay, just testing to see if I've nailed this...

2003-10-14 "And they lived hapily ever after..."

And they lived happily ever after

2010-12-27 19:23

Ok, here's my child 


Is there a way to see all the children pages together?

2010-12-27 19:24

Like a nice family picture?

Red-Headed Step-Child

This should be the child of Ally's "2010-12-27 19:23" post and the sibling of "2010-12-27 19:24"


Look, an attachment!

doctor_who_the_war_of_art.pdf1.11 MB

2011-01-03 01:18

Just testing this out myself now before I post.

Fingers crossed this works!

Second Major Subplot

First post of subplot. And posts that related to this thread of the story would be added as a child of this post, rather than as a child of the main story post.



2010-12-27 09:00

This post may have been written at the same time as a post in the main storyline. But because of its place in the hierarchy it should show up as a child of the Subplot and shouldn't be confused with the reply to the main story with the same name. *fingers crossed*



But can I add it to a book?

This is just a test forum post to add to a book.


And it seems to work!