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Character View

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This will be the default for characters, NPCs will be similar, but will likely not have a "character arc" section



Creator: Link to the Author(s)

Keywords: Char_ keyword for certain, any location they are primarily associated with (ie. the bar for a bartender)

Other: (Height, Weight, Description, Classifications, etc)

Character Rating:

Possibly a series of bars or numbers to indicate relative strength in common areas like Physical Combat, Speed, Magic, Resistance, Health, Intelligence, and Power.  They have no game purpose other than to provide a relative scale to compare/debate/discuss the various aspects of the character.  it also cuts down on mary-sue-ism if someone starts to point back to the scale and say "It is too much!".  Maybe assign points for story completion.

Images: (Linked Gallery?)


Any Backstory that is needed to understand the character (or justify it)


This section is for any abilities that are unique to this character that are atypical for this type of character. ie. A pilot can fly aircraft.  But not all pilots are capable of operating a sailing ship, for instance.  So if you've primarily identified yourself as the pilot, then sailing would be important to list here.  It will be assumed that if you fly a plane you can perform basic repairs on it.  But you couldn't modify it to carry bombs if it wasn't designed to.  You would need an engineer or a mechanic for that.  By the same token, an airplane mechanic might be able to convincingly start, take off and possibly land a plane in one piece, but they won't be able to avoid missiles. Unless it is stated otherwise here.

In cases of multiple authoritative sources for mythical abilities (i.e. Vampires, Werewolves) we will write a "baseline" page for what those are in our world. Then, any variation of that baseline is noted in this section (such as the vampire Angel who has a soul). When and if a ruling is made on whether something is possible for a member of a particular classification, then it should always be referred to the baseline page and not the character's page.  Characters may have exceptions to a trait that is common to others like them but they do not define the rules for all the others.  Nobody is a (completely) unique flower in this game.

As for magical abilities assume similar specialties.  a "Witch" can cast spells that roughly correspond to a "power scale" of 1-10 depending on her ability (assume the average ability is 5).  A Fire Mage might be tilted to one extreme concerning fire (A specialist has an average of 8 with an opposing level of 2) but using ice or water magic might present problems.  In all kinds of magic you should assume you are using some sort of balance system.  Whether it is based on elements (Fire/Air/Water/Earth) or Gods (Hephaestus/Zeus/Hecate/Athena) or some cycle of your own choosing (Life/Death, Law/Chaos, Evil/Good) then your abilities need to be outlined in that framework. A page detailing your "mythos" would also be appreciated - this page can be updated as needed to explain certain rituals and powers and your character page is updated only to indicate prowess and new abilities not to redefine an ethos.

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