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Threads RPG

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Threads - A wiki-based RPG

This idea is designed to promote collaboration and still maintain some control over the flow of stories.  It allows for personal, collective and chronological arcs all being developed simultaneously to be written with by a diverse group of people in different timezones and locales without forcing them to work real-time to complete things.

A Series is introduced by a Producer. They write a "Pitch" for the series that indicates How Many Main Characters can be used and how many episodes they want to produce for the current season.  Authors may pitch any stories they want to write, and the producer has to choose which stories they want to use (i.e.

 "Break") in the season.  They do not have to break all the stories at the beginning.  For instance, if a Producer says they want a Series with 12 episodes but they are going to accept pitches for the first 6, then after the first few stories are locked people can start to pitch new stories.

The "Authors" (aka Players) can create as many characters as they want.  Every character is usable by anyone with permission.  The player who creates a character has final edit, although they can't change a story, they might offer notes on changes to be made or withdraw permission altogether. The authors "Pitch" a story to the Producer for that season.  The Producer may change each season.  The Producer always has final say.

If the Producer approves the Story it is "Broken" it is assigned an Episode number and the Author(s) outline it.  The Producer may have story elements to be inserted.  These Plot Points increase the value of the story.  Once a story is written, it is opened to final edit by every creator who has a character in it.  The creators may 'tweak' their characters portrayals and dialog but cannot rewrite things that do not apply to their characters. Because it is a wiki, anyone can have a discussion on the "Commentary" pages.

Authors are ENcouraged to pitch lots of stories. If the producer rejects them then those ideas go to a "morgue" for that season. The Morgue page for each series will remain to be a source of ideas.  Authors are DIScouraged to write more than two stories at a time.  They aren't prevented from writing more than two at a time, but in order to complete as many stories as possible it is important to maintain production.

Once everyone has signed off on it, it is given a final pass by the Editor (who may or may not be the Producer), and then it is Locked.  Once all the episodes of the season are locked the season is complete and a new season can be started (with a new producer if you want).

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