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I think the LNG/LABN should participate in the beta testing of FanLib

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I think the LNG/LABN should participate in the beta testing of F

Kaarin's picture

Personally, I'm not interested, for one simple reason: we've got a system, it works. I don't see any reason to change at all. Hell, I don't see a reason to even consider changing.

Now it's rant time as for exactly WHY I object to their project.

I'm a writer. It's a collaborative process, just like theatre. When it comes to creating a coherent story set in a universe with multiple writers, it's a collaboration. Not a contest, not an "election," a collaboration. Just this entire system in general strikes me as going against the heart of the process of being a writer.

Because a contest is different. A contest is competition. Voting is competition, and I think ultimately hurts a community, because while you may have pockets of people working together, it's overall a Darwinian process that doesn't belong in the collaborative process. You improve stories by a little thing called feedback, recomending parts to cut, parts to change, different ways to handle a scene, changing dialoge.

So, thanks but no thanks. I prefer to actually work with writers, not compete with them. Sometimes an idea gets picked up, sometimes it doesn't. But FanLib's contest process is something that I have an interest in actively avoiding.


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This came to my admin@latenightgames email.
Hi there,

Cool site. I just came across it while checking out hits for "FanLib" on
search engines.

With regard to the patent process, it's not the chain-story idea that we are
patenting. A patent is filed with numerous "Claims" each representing a
unique aspect of the invention. If you think about how you actually would
conduct an "election" with potentially thousands of candidate submissions
and have it be fair and fun and end in a finite period of time, then you may
realize that there are some unique challenges involved. At its heart, this
is an "old idea." But, build a system that let's you scale it for millions
of simultaneous players and there may actually be something kind of new
about it.

I've spent three years working with a team of people and investing
hard-earned dollars to design and develop this software and since nothing
currently out there can do what it does, I would respectfully suggest that
there may be something unique and patentable about it. Or maybe not, but it
wouldn't be for the reasons you suggest.

Software programs are really just all-digital machines and very "tangible."
What we've built is no different from the printing press or phonograph or
artificial heart except that all the moving parts are virtual.

I would like to think that you could be a potential participant. We are
putting the finishing touching on a "self-serve" version of FanLib and will
be seeking beta partners to start using it. I think you and the members of
Late Night Games might really enjoy it. And, our intent is to ultimately be
like your message boards: just a special kind of customizable feature that
you use to enhance your website.

Let me know and I'll put you on the beta list.

I think you've already checked this out, but if you want to see FanLib in
action, please visit...


The registration's a little cumbersome right now because of how we
integrated it with SnitchSeeker.com, but it's a lot of fun. And, we'll have
it greatly improved when we roll-out self-serve.

Thanks for inspiring my little rant ;-)

Good luck with Late Night!


David B. Williams
SVP, Product Development
wk. (212) 966-0602

email: david@my2c.com

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