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Is Diana a 'Wonder Woman' enough for LABN?

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Holy Invisible Airplane, she sure is!
0% (0 votes)
She'll never stop me (this is a no, folks)
43% (3 votes)
WTF? Huh? 'Scuse me?
57% (4 votes)
It needs a little ...something more
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7

Is Diana a 'Wonder Woman' enough for LABN?

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no thanks, with a smile :D

Is Diana a 'Wonder Woman' enough for LABN?

Hola-Meg-a-Cola's picture

I'm sorry if I'm harsh when saying this, but that submission was a disgrace. It's basically the same shit over and over again. Jesus, people, would it kill ya to be creative? If you're going to use the "dead parents" line, at least make a good reason why they're dead.

I voted the "WTF?" one. Pleaser try again. "Do not collect $200 dollors when passing go..."

Is Diana a 'Wonder Woman' enough for LABN?

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Hmmm, this took how many submissions? I'm a bit disapointed really, the description is very Mary Sueish (especially the eyes turning yellow - and I know I have no right to say this but can we have ONE witch WITHOUT red hair? ;) )

Besides that the history isn't particularly interesting (again the dead parents, ancient prophecy - both over done to death) and let me get this straight - she has a talking cat? :?

I also find it strange that the player wants to act out their life story in a fantasy role play game, but that's probably just me.

Right now I'd have to give this a big thumbs down, there isn't anything here has me even remotely interested. I think a total rethink would be in order.

Diana Rose [Rejected]

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This was actually 14 submissions from a single person and I have sort of "condensed" it down to this. NOTE: Diana has already registered on the boards.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(Aalexandrianaproxen@yahoo.com) on Saturday, May 15, 2004 at 18:11:54

charname: Diana Rose
race: Witch
gender: female
bdate: 6/5/86
group: N/A
position: N/A

descript: I have dark brown-red hair. My hair reaches my waist, but most of the time I keep it in a bun or ponytail. I have blue-green eyes that turn yellowish when I am casting. I am 5'10". I weigh 130 lb.

history: She is a 17 year old witch. She has been a witch since age 13, when she was told that before she was born a prophosy was made about her. She is incognito. She took her new name from her goddess, Diana(Artemis, Cynthia, Delia, Hecate, Luna, Phoebe, Selene), goddess of the moon, hunting, and childbirth. She is a Gemini(her ruling planet-mercury, element-wind, direction-east). She is a loner. She has two sisters(one other does magic, hence the going it alone). Both of her parents died. She had a brother, but he died when she was 11. She lives in her car. Her car is a 1988 Chevy, it is a medium blue color with grey seating. She has had no relationships at all in her life, except for casual ones. She has a cat, Sabrina. She is her familar, she is gray, green eyes, really hates my car, talks, and is two years old.


Here is the prophosy, this was foretold by a demon to my mother(she was 16 when it was made): The first born child shall be female, she shall then be given the witching powers, she shall join us and be one of us (*evil cackling*), she shall be the destruction or savior of many (*more cackling*). Go now (*evil cackling fades*).

items: My cat, not sure if she would like to be called that- gray, hates inclosed spaces, green eyes, two years old. My candles- multicolored for any situation(basicly every color). My labtop-black, shiny, and portable. My car- 1988 Chevy, blue, gray seating. I would think my books- old, new, mostly spellbooks, a few atlas's and maps. Money-umm, let me see, green, made out of paper, and you really don't want to see it wet. A motar and pestal- making potions. Lighter or matches- either works to light incense and candles. Silver short-handled knife (some call it an atheme)- cutting energies and replacing them, also for bloodrites(I don't do bloodrites, accually).

powers: I have always been able to see somewhat into the future-just brief glances. I am able to control the wind, you don't want to see me when I am angry *smile*. I have your basic, everyday powers, like summoning and of course, spellcrafting. I normaly do protection spells, healing, and stuff along that line. I make potions.
played_by: N/A

player: Oh, for real, I am 17, lived in my car for awhile with my cat(I know what the character is going through). I really have had no relationship other than casual ones. Um, I do have two sisters, but two half-brothers. One of them did almost die when I was 11. My cat's name is Sabrina, she really does hate small, enclosed spaces. That is really the discription on my car, BTW. I work as a secratary for the County Serveyer. I have played DAOC (dark age of camolot), Of course the Final Fantasy's (including FF11), I have almost all of the Sims, I have two of the Roller Coaster Tycoon games (first and expantion pack). I have almost all of the Angel and BTVS episodes recorded. I watch Charmed all the time, I think I have recorded over half of them. My mother was in an occult at a younger age (16) so I know about them. I do have something along the lines of fore-telling(but I just see short glimpses, like I said for Diana). I chose Diana as a name, first, because, she is my favorite Greek goddess. Second, I just like the name. I think that is all.

age: over13

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