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13-Mar-2008 – Thursday
{p01#005} night – On the night that Zayn’s forces attack Sindell, Cole Matthews is one of the older students tasked with getting the youngsters to safety, including young Mikey.

15-Dec-2016 - Thursday
{p01#004} 12:36 am – A college student, Mike, has an encounter with a vampire but is rescued by Cole – and then they recognise each other.
{p01#008} 1:15amMikey and Cole catch up on the intervening nine years since they last saw each other.
{p01#000} 1:16 amLoki, the owner of Club Avalon, explains to a patron what’s been happening in LA over the past nine years or so.
{p01#001} 1:17 amAdam Young is in Club Avalon and describes where he’s been the past few years.
{p01#002} 3:20 amDr Erin Lloyd takes a moment to relax after long hours in surgery and is struck by the impression that someone’s watching her.
{p01#003} 10:00 pmJasmin Taylor discusses the Daltons with William, her sire.

16-Dec-2016 – Friday
{p01#006) 1:00 amKobra arrives in LA, lost in memories of fighting vampires only to find himself face to face with a vampire pack as he steps off the bus.
{p01#009} 1:01 amKobra quickly deals with the vampires and goes in search of some locals.
{p01#007} 9:05pmCadence (Cadee) Cloud flirts with one of the patrons of Slainte, Sean Hearly.

17-Dec-2016 – Saturday
{p01#011} 1:24 amAngus McAfee heads off a vampire looking to hunt in Slainte, and tries to pass off the dusting as a table light accident.

20-Dec-2016 – Tuesday
{p01#010} 7:45 pmAlessa Longwood works off some frustration and misplaced guilt in her workout room, until Mike Coulter interrupts her.

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