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Chloe wrote:
I found you through ATPoBtVS. I am completely stumped by the method here, but since I have 4 days off, gonna explore. Am I misunderstanding that there are only 12 members and most of them are characters in the game? Aarggh! I'm feeling very stupid.

Chloe, Its not as hard to understand as you might think. Everyone on this board (the members) is a character in the game. We are the only people who can post in the game. Since we are wrapping up the first season, we are recruiting new members for Season 2.

Ther really is no limit to the number of members. But we are selective in who we invite into the game. We are looking for interesting, complex and evolving characters who have the same flavor as the characters in Angel and Buffy.

The Players should be friendly, have a sense of drama, have a sense of humor and most importantly have no free time that they can't devote to the game (Just kidding on that last one...well, a little).

If you would like to hang with us (who have really become great friends since we started a mere 5 months ago!) then fill out the character profile on the LA By Night Index Page or you can just use this link http://www.latenightgames.com/labynight/game/app.html to go straight to the application.

We usually review the characters for a couple of days and then decide whether to accept them. You can submit as many characters as you want and we will pick the best one. The two things we are really looking for is style and detail.

So good luck! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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