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I am a cultural reference whore. Those of you who know me know this. And the age of the internet makes these fads come and go that much quicker.

So I am putting this here to record them like a camera as they flash past.

<br />
IN                   OUT<br />
============         =============<br />
Snakes on a Plane    Die Hard<br />
Sin City             Pulp Fiction<br />
Ninja/Robot/Viking   Ninja/Robot/Pirate<br />
Chuck Norris         Ahnold<br />
The Sci-Fi Channel   LucasFilm<br />

Feel free to update this list (using a [ code] tag to keep it lined up) as you see fit. Justification isn't needed, this is the internet after all.


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What, no more ninja pirates? Damn. :( I liked being the shadow that comes in the night and says "aarrrr".


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Now you are the shadow that comes in the night and says "Bork! Bork! Bork!"


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Zidane is in (or out depending on whether you are Italian or not)

As seen by the Internet

These might not show so they are from here:

As seen by the Germans:

As seen by the French:

As seen by the Italians:

As seen by the Americans:

As seen by the press:

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